Friday, October 24, 2014

NHL’s new draft lottery rules will encourage tanking. Here’s why

Brian Costello

The NHL's new draft lottery format was designed to discourage teams from tanking games in order to get a higher draft slot. That will work fine when the format kicks in full bore in 2016, but for this season, there's just way too much incentive to nail down last-place overall. More More
Player/Injury News - Up to the Minute NHL Updates
10-year-old sniper notches best hat trick you’ll see all season
Humberview Huskies forward Owen Thompson celebrates his second of three bar down goals. (via YouTube)
Sure, Corey Perry has two hat tricks already this season, but he hasn't done it with quite the style of 10-year-old Owen Thompson. More
Canucks’ Zack Kassian saves too many men call by joining the Blues
(Photo by Glenn James/NHL)
Vancouver Canucks winger Zack Kassian wanted to make sure his team didn't have to kill off a needless penalty, so he made a split second decision to join the St. Louis Blues. More
Five bucks more for all the games this season? Who knew?
The new Canadian broadcast rights deal with Rogers has changed the television landscape in Canada and made a ton of money for the NHL, but it's also caused the luddites no end of frustration and confusion. But it's nothing a quick call to Your Local Cable Television Provider™ and five more bucks won't fix. More
It’s feast or famine – beat them or beat it – for NHL coaches these days
Peter Laviolette (Getty Images)
Many NHL head coaches in new situations – such as Peter Laviolette in Nashville – are enjoying success early in the season. But that's not necessarily a great thing for the profession in the bigger picture. More
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