News Blog: Steve Staios will attract deadline interest

Adam Proteau
By: Blog: Steve Staios will attract deadline interest

Steve Staios would be a good fit for any team looking to add a reliable defenseman at the deadline. Author: The Hockey News

News Blog: Steve Staios will attract deadline interest

Adam Proteau

It’s a good news/bad news Wednesday for Edmonton Oilers fans. The good news: It appears Daryl Katz’s bid to purchase the franchise is edging closer to reality; the bad news: They had 13 measly shots in an ugly 3-0 loss to San Jose Tuesday night.

Oilers GM Kevin Lowe has already come out and said he won’t be trading any of his “good players.” An admirable concept, to be sure, but if teams offer him a “better” player for one of his “good” players, Lowe would be a fool not to listen.

And it seems there is interest in at least one of his veterans. As one Western Conference GM (who spoke on condition of anonymity) told Tuesday, Edmonton blueliner Steve Staios might be an attractive alternative to a team that loses out on the upcoming Brian Campbell trade deadline sweepstakes.

“I know his plus-minus is awful this year,” the GM said of the 34-year-old Staios, tied for worst on the Oilers with a minus-15. “But let’s face it, he’s playing on an average team at best right now. And he’s got a manageable (contract) – I think he (earns) under $3 million (a year) for the rest of the deal – that’s probably going to be more and more attractive to teams interested in a defenseman that can eat up a lot of ice time.

“Even if you don’t take his salary into account, on a better team, he’s simply a better player. I really think (Lowe) will get an offer for him – and under the right circumstances, it might even come from me.”

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News Blog: Steve Staios will attract deadline interest