News Blog: Sens should send Emery down

Adam Proteau
By: Blog: Sens should send Emery down

Ray Emery is 12-12 with a 3.05 GAA and .893 SP this season. (Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images) Author: The Hockey News

News Blog: Sens should send Emery down

Adam Proteau

Now that it seems like the Ottawa Senators are going with Martin Gerber as their starting goaltender for the rest of the way this season, the best thing coach-GM Bryan Murray could do to keep his Stanley Cup hopes alive is demote Ray Emery to the American League as quickly as possible.

This team has labored enough under Emery’s distractions this season and few believe it will be able to sustain another dramatic episode without completely falling apart early in the playoffs.

Murray can decide what to do with Emery in the off-season (can you say, “buyout?”); for now, though, every moment Emery remains on the NHL roster carries with it a distinct ticking sound – and the longer he sticks around, the more likely Sens fans will hear an awful “bang!”

• I’m sure you can imagine my great shock at watching noted NHL talent Donald Brashear misplace his marbles at a critical junction during a game and cost his Washington Capitals dearly Saturday with a fit of overzealous aggression.

Who among us could’ve predicted such an unfortunate event? Man, I’m sure glad these enforcer types are kept on rosters to increase their team’s chances of winning hockey games.

• Sad to see a truly fantastic show like The Wire leave the airwaves for good Sunday night. Sadder to know more people likely saw surefire Razzie Award contender 10,000 B.C. – featuring cavemen who talk with British accents! – at the movie theaters over the weekend.

Is it unfair such a great artistic work goes relatively unseen, while the cinematic equivalent of spray-on cheese plays to millions more? Absolutely – although, in a way, it’s a fitting end for The Wire, whose theme of perennial injustice was a huge part of what made it so compelling.

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News Blog: Sens should send Emery down