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The Hockey News staff predictions

The majority of THN staffers have the Red Wings going through to the conference final. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) Author: The Hockey News


The Hockey News staff predictions

Hockey News

Once again, it’s time for The Hockey News’ staff predictions. And once again, we advise that readers don’t place expensive bets based on our beliefs.

Predictions are all about the entertainment factor, and we present these to you strictly for debate and discussion purposes only.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how we did with our first round picks, here are the results:

Edward Fraser, Web Editor: 7-1
Mike Brophy, Senior Writer: 6-2
Ryan Dixon, Writer/Editor: 6-2
Rory Boylen, Web Content Specialist: 6-2
Jason Kay, Editor: 5-3
Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Editor: 5-3
Jamie Hodgson, Art Director: 5-3
Brian Costello, Senior Special Sections Editor: 5-3
Caroline Andrews, Publisher: 5-3
Adam Proteau, Web Columnist: 4-4
Ken Campbell, Senior Writer: 4-4
Matt Filion, Designer: 4-4

Adam Proteau, Web columnist
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 – Canadiens’ power play will punish Flyers’ discipline deficiencies.
Pittsburgh over New York 4-3 – No cakewalk this time for Pens, but Rangers won’t be able to plug Pittsburgh’s big guns.
Detroit over Colorado 4-1 – Jose Theodore, prepare to be exposed.
San Jose over Dallas 4-2 – Sharks’ Evgeni Nabokov was mediocre against Flames, but Stars will see and suffer from his Vezina form this round.

Mike Brophy, Senior writer
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-3 – Canadiens’ speed will wear down the Flyers defense
New York over Pittsburgh 4-3 – Lundqvist gives the Rangers a slight advantage
Colorado over Detroit 4-2 – Jose Theodore is the real deal
San Jose over Dallas 4-2 – The Sharks are only now beginning to roll

Ken Campbell, Senior writer
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 – The Flyers are far better than the Bruins, but the Canadiens will be a better team in the second round than they were in the first.
Pittsburgh over New York 4-2 – Here’s hoping exciting and explosive wins out over boring and effective.
Detroit over Colorado 4-0 – Just a hunch, but it says here the Red Wings will prick the Jose Theodore bubble early and once that happens, the floodgates will open and pucks will come rushing through.
San Jose over Dallas 4-3 – At times, San Jose looked as though it didn’t even want to win the series against Calgary and will have all it can handle against a Dallas team playing with purpose.

Jason Kay, Editor
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-1 – Flyers looked too gassed at the end of the Caps series to inspire confidence.
Rangers over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Supreme team defense trumps supreme team offense.
Dallas over San Jose 4-2 – The Stars have finally figured out how to win in the playoffs.
Detroit over Colorado 4-2 – Improved Avs will be a huge challenge for Wings, but home ice will clinch it.

Brian Costello, Senior Special Sections Editor
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 – No Kate Smith, no Jason Smith, no way.
Pittsburgh over Rangers 4-3 – This battle will become epic in proportions.
Dallas over San Jose 4-2 – Selective effort won't work against Stars.
Detroit over Colorado 4-2 – Theodore bubble is about to burst.

Ryan Kennedy, Writer/Copy Editor
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 - Quick Habs take advantage of leaky Flyers.
Rangers over Pittsburgh 4-3 - Star power cancels out up front; Lundqvist the difference.
Detroit over Colorado 4-1 - Big Red Machine keeps on rollin'.
Dallas over San Jose 4-2 - Stars' toughest test behind them.

Ryan Dixon, Writer/Copy Editor
Montreal over Philly 4-3 - Habs about to hit higher gear.
Rangers over Pittsburgh 4-2 - It'll be a beauty, but Blueshirts will prevail.
Detroit over Colorado in 4-1 - Could get ugly if Theo goes cold.
Dallas over San Jose in 4-2 - Skilled Stars look hungry and angry.

Edward Fraser, Editor
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 – Carey Price won't stumble again.
Pittsburgh over Rangers 4-1 – Just too much fire power for the Blueshirts to handle.
Dallas over San Jose 4-3 – This one's a coin-flip, but I have a bad feeling about the Sharks chances.
Detroit over Colorado 4-2 – Presidents' Trophy winner will come out of the hard-fought tilt.

Rory Boylen, Web content specialist
Philadelphia over Montreal 4-2 – Flyers can bang like Boston, but score a bunch more.
Rangers over Pittsburgh 4-2 – Pittsburgh won’t have it as easy this time.
Colorado over Detroit 4-2 – Jose Theodore is back, Jack.
San Jose over Dallas 4-3 – Roenick is awake and will play a big role, again.

Jamie Hodgson, Art director
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 - Battle of the power play units here, Best vs. Best-A. Montreal will improve on their first-round scare.
Pittsburgh over Rangers 4-3 - This is a tough one. Penguins are strong, healthy, rested and fun to watch, Rangers can counter with Gomez and Jagr and King Henrik, if he's on. How about double OT Game 7, Malone from Crosby and Malkin. How's that for a prediction?
Detroit over Colorado 4-2 - Stastny will probably continue to play poorly, because I have him in the playoff pool, thanks buddy.
San Jose over Dallas 4-3 - Who is this J.R. kid? He rules. Big Joe rules. San Jose on home ice rules. I'll take Sharks in a nail-biter.

Matt Filion, Designer
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 – Price will stand strong. Koivu leads team to next round.
Pittsburgh over NY Rangers 4-3 – Pittsburgh has too many good players for Avery to handle.
Detroit over Colorado 4-0 – Too young and too fast. Doesn’t matter who’s in net, they only have to make 20 saves a game.
Dallas over San Jose 4-3 – San Jose’s seven game series with Calgary might have worn them down. Dallas is well rested after defeating defending champs.

Caroline Andrews, Publisher
Montreal over Philadelphia 4-2 - Canada will win!
Rangers over Pittsburgh 4-3 - New York goaltending will prevail.
Colorado over Detroit 4-2 - Ex-Montreal goalie will make the difference!
Dallas over San Jose 4-3 - Dallas is simply the better team.

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The Hockey News staff predictions