Proteau's Blog: Cold as ice

Adam Proteau
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Proteau's Blog: Cold as ice

Adam Proteau
• I know you're going to find this hard to believe, Pt. 1: An NHLer (Philadelphia's Todd Fedoruk) was carted off the ice Wednesday thanks to a pointless act of violence.

If the league isn't going to do anything about these horrific incidents (that are now happening at an almost weekly pace), they ought to fully embrace them and organize contests where fans win the chance to strap injured players to stretchers.

• Almost as ugly as watching Fedoruk knocked cold was the post-injury diagnosis from Rangers neurologist Dr. Claude Macaluso.

"Todd is doing fine,” Macaluso told the Philadelphia Daily News. “He is having some problems with short-term memory, but other than that, he is great.”

Other than that? Excuse me, doc? Unless Fedoruk attended a Cypress Hill concert immediately after the fight, I'd say short-term memory problems qualify as a concern. I'd also say Macaluso needs a neurological exam of his own.

• People are all over the Edmonton Oilers because they haven't won in 12 games (including Wednesday's 5-1 drubbing by Colorado) , but what is going on in Phoenix?

The Coyotes have dropped four straight and are 1-8-1 in their last 10 games. Is it me, or does Wayne Gretzky really want to draft Patrick Kane first overall in this summer's entry draft?

• I know you're going to find this hard to believe, Pt. 2: Alexei Yashin is in a coach's doghouse.

Give Isles coach Ted Nolan credit for calling out Yashin, but don't fool yourself into thinking anything will change. This guy hasn't earned the reputation as one of the most overpaid, least-committed talents in NHL history for nothing.

Hitting a guy in the face on purpose is a pointless act of violence. Nailing a guy with a hit so late no one's even looking in that direction anymore is a pointless act of violence. It's a shame that Fedoruk got knocked out, but when hockey writers start acting like the mainstream media with talk of "pointless acts of violence" then maybe it's time to start covering badminton. Fighting was, is, and always will be a part of hockey and Fedoruk knew that when he dropped the gloves. Maybe you'd be happier covering college hockey from now on.
- Joe Willix

The problem is no one ever teaches kids the art of solid legal body checking when they are growing up. They are never taught HOW to hit each other without KILLING each other so it trickles up to the NHL level. I say it all starts when your young. The type of player you are is determined at a very young age and everyone knows it. Emphasis must be placed on solid open ice checking and the Refs need to pull their whistles out of their ass and start making the calls our league officials won't make!
- Mike

Hockey is a violent sport and as a sport some would argue that it is all senseless as it is a pursuit that does not directly impact human survival et al (speaking from a strictly philosophical viewpoint). Comaparing what happened to Fedoruk to such cheap shots as those recently delivered by Simon and Tootoo though is comparing apples to oranges. Fedoruk entered the fight with full knowledge of the possible consequences...look at his recent history of facial surgery. In the other two aforementioned instances the victims were caught unprepared by cheap shots from individuals with a history of violence and a lack of respect for their fellow players. Such acts have no place in hockey but hitting....aka legalized violence...has been and always will be part of the game.
- Tim

Adam, If the Yotes or the "skidding on " Oilers pick Pat Kane they will not be dissappointed. He will join a long list of Upstate New Yorkers in the NHL. That fraternity includes ,but is not limited to, Lee Stempeniak, Aaron Miller, Bobby Esche, Tim Connolly, Craig Controy, Brooks Orpik, Eric Cole,Rory Fitzpatrick, Dustin Brown, Mike Komersarik, Chris Higgins,Brian Gionta, Marty Reasoner, Kevyn Adams, Todd Marchant, Jesse Boulerice and some I choose not ot leave off but simply are not aware of. Maybe , just maybe those franchises just look bad and really have a plan! By the way , that wouldn"t be a bad team, Eh?
- Wayne

Fighting must stop NOW before someone dies or becomes permanently disabled. Players are bigger and stronger than ever and are capable of delivering massive injuries.
- ron chauvin

Thank you for pointing out the strangeness of Dr. Macaluso's assessment of Todd Fedoruk. I thought I might be the only one having trouble reconciling "problems with short-term memory" and "Todd is doing fine". Let's hope the next doctor Fedoruk sees is a little less cavalier in his or her diagnosis. Keep up the good work!
- Catherine Fusk


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Proteau's Blog: Cold as ice