Proteau's Blog: A good start

Adam Proteau
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Proteau's Blog: A good start

Adam Proteau
• A five-game ban for Jordin Tootoo certainly is better than the penalty that would've been leveled for a similar action five years ago. The real test, though, will come the next time the Preds agitator runs afoul of the league disciplinarian.

The NHL would be remiss in allowing Tootoo to follow the path of Chris Simon, who served nickel-and-dime suspensions for years before finally losing it in a majorly heinous way on Ryan Hollweg.

If he does anything remotely similar down the line, Tootoo's subsequent suspension needs to be doubled, at minimum. The league cannot afford to have the same players making the same headlines for the same wrong reasons.

• For the record, Mike Modano should've been suspended, too.

• Another chapter in the NHLPA's sorry saga was written Monday night when Hall-of-Famer Mike Gartner resigned as the union's director of hockey affairs.

Gartner, one of the game's most respected figures, has had his reputation dented by the alleged actions of deposed union boss Ted Saskin. However, there's little doubt Gartner will land on his feet, either inside or outside of the game.

He might have chosen the wrong guy to throw his support behind, but Gartner has made a career out of solid decision-making. He'll prove this was just a bump in the road.

• Here's a nice piece of YouTubery from a devoted Vancouver Canucks fan. I'll never say “Bulis” the same way again.

Thank you. At least someone else agrees that Modano should have received some discipline for his stick action.
- JO

This year Tootoo's contributions to the Predators have been much more than as an agitator. Watch more than just his sensational hits and you see a guy that has surprising skills, plays very hard every shift, and brings a tremendous amount of energy to the team's play. With his increased playing time due to team injuries he has become a difference maker. The sad part is that he is now a marked man by the league and his aggressive style will result in opponents and media crying for a suspension with every hard hit, legal or not.
- bill

Modano deserved no suspension...that's going more than a little overboard. Nashville's got a great team but the fans are out there. How do you boo someone when they reach the kind of milestone he reached that night? That's terribly tacky and it speaks volumes about their respect for the sport. Sort of like Tootoo's sucker-punch speaks volumes about his character.
- Justin

If you're going to swat a hornet- you better kill it. Lucky for Modano that Tootoo tripped over Robidas. That gave the coward time to slink away and gain time for intervention - before Tootoo planted him into the ice.
- JerryM

Modano did deserve a penalty. I was there and was in shock that he got away with using his stick as a weapon, no less while Tootoo's back was turned. The only reason Robadis was knocked out was because he was charging Tootoo to take a hit out on him because Tootoo knocked over Modano. You know if you hit a player like Modano someone is coming after you. So Tootoo prepared himself for what was to come next. As for recognizing Modano on his goal......if he had assessed a penalty like he should have he would not have been on the ice to get that goal. Had they have announced it after the melee, he would have been booed so loud you never would have heard it anyway. I used to have some respect for Modano, but not now. I have watched hockey for 20 yrs and I am a Nashville native. Modano deserved NO recognition from the Nashville crowd after he g ot away with hitting someone over the back with their stick. He clearly brought his stick totally up over his head and down on Tootoo. Now the NHL needs to step up and be fair. Modano should be suspended too!!!!!
- adrienne

The fans in Trashville are just that - Trashy! I was in Dallas after the All-Star game when Dallas was loosing to Pittsburgh Mark Recchi scored his 500th goal. The game had to stop while the fans gave him a standing ovation! Why boo Modano for his achievement as an American born player , especially when he did it all with one franchise. Last time I checked Nashville was in the U.S. too. Robidas came in with his hands at chest level when Tootoo PearlHarbored him. The league was correct in it's position. Just because Tootoo isn't a goon dosen't mean he is above making an error in judgement. Without control by the league, what kind of justice do you think would be metered out when the teams next meet in Nashville on March 31st. As for Modano's actions, he hit Tootoo on the bottom half of the numbers on his back - nowhere 's near the typical force used to hit players along the boards. Poor sports will be just that - poor sports!
- Bob Kestenbaum

Jim Lites made a great point when he brought up the notion that without players like Modano, who were willing and ready to make the move to the south to expand the market, then Nashville would never even have a team and therefore not be able to enjoy the great success they're having right now. And yes, Modano is the prime example of that kind of player...far and away the best American born player in NHL history. I'm going to blame it on ignorance, rather than lack of respect. Hopefully they just didn't know any better, because if they did, this is a sadder story than I thought. And regardless whether he should have been in the box at the time or not, it was still #503. It was coming at some point for sure, but only least he wasn't the type to let their ignorance bring his moment down for himself....because it really did for all his fans.
- Justin

Once again, I totally agree with you Adam. But, I would like to add one statement. To add insult to injury, (I beg you all pardon for the formula), Modano, after hitting Tootoo, got away, while Robidas was lying on the ice, never thinking of sticking up for a man who just try to come to his rescue , and that paid the high price to do so. That's the proof of what kind of human he's, even ( there's no argue on that ) he's a great player. Remember him sayin' that the 5000 dollars he got from the player's union during the lock-out, were barely enough to feed his dogs for the month !
- Jerry Terriere

The Simon incident was played on national television the day after it happened because it looked so heinous. The only "publicity" the Tootoo incident received is in the insulated hockey world where people like Proteau pontificate endlessly about these inevitable incidents. At least Tootoo had the cajones to punch Robidas in the face and not swing his stick at the back of his head IN DEFENSE.
- Dave LeRoy


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Proteau's Blog: A good start