Loose Change: Quiz time

Charlie Teljeur
The Hockey News

Loose Change: Quiz time

Charlie Teljeur

Match the player with the team he plays for:
(1) Vern Fiddler
(2) Stephane Bearclaw
(3) Jimmy Quack
(4) Sergei Choppyorarmov

(a) Buffalo Sabres
(b) Minnesota Wild
(c) Anaheim Mighty Ducks
(d) Nashville Predators

The New Jersey Devils put Alexander Mogilny:
(a) in front of a bus
(b) on waivers
(c) in a foster home
(d) on Dancing With the Stars

The St. Louis Blues' starting goaltender is:
(a) Curtis Sanford
(b) Reinhard Divis
(c) Jason Bacashihua
(d) facing months of intensive therapy

The Ottawa Senators are really missing:
(a) Daniel Alfredsson
(b) Jason Spezza
(c) Martin Havlat
(d) Melrose Place

Adam Foote is sore because of:
(a) his hip
(b) his foot
(c) his Adam's Apple
(d) his decision to sign with Columbus

As a boy, Sidney Crosby always dreamed of playing for:
(a) the Toronto Maple Leafs
(b) Team Canada
(c) the Montreal Canadiens
(d) Reebok

The good news about Niedermayer's injury is:
(a) he isn't showing any post concussion symptoms
(b) he should be back next week
(c) the Ducks have depth at that position
(d) it's Rob, not Scott

Evgeni Malkin is:
(a) the next NHL superstar
(b) the leading scorer in the Russian Super League
(c) a Pittsburgh Penguins' prospect
(d) great for an upset stomach

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Loose Change: Quiz time