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Relationships are complicated. Let ELLECanada.com help you navigate the worlds of marriage, singledom, friendships and more with the use of our experts.

Confused about your relationship ? You're not alone. Connect with like-minded ELLE readers on our relationship channel. We offer up advice on everything from mapping out that first date, to keeping the marriage sparks alive.

And, yes, we talk about your sex lives, too. Our witty columnists delve into the world not often spoken about to give you the latest news and commentary.

If you're looking for ways to connect to the globe outside of your immediate reality, read our ELLE World features; inspiring and humorous tales of fashion women who contribute to society and break social stereotypes in ways that will truly motivate you to do the same.

Navigating the relationship frontier? Why do it alone? Let ELLECanada.com help you. We leave no relationship stone unturned. From dating tips, to marriage advice, our relationships channel is your new BFF.

If you're tired of obsessing over your own relationship, why not read about someone else's? Our gossip feed is exactly that: A guiltless reprieve from the everyday where we post daily updates on the happenings of celebrity life, relationships and beyond. Your lunch break now has a whole new meaning.

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