Report: Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi case settled out of court

Rory Boylen
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The Steve Moore-Todd Bertuzzi lawsuit has been hanging over the NHL for the past 10 years, but as the Sept. 8 trial date draws near, it appears the case has been settled out of court.




Originally, Moore was seeking $38 million in damages from the incident, but recently increased his demand to $68 million. His lawyers estimated Moore would have made $35 million over his NHL career and blossomed into a top six forward. They would also have argued the Harvard graduate could have made upwards of $65 million in a post-hockey career.

Bertuzzi’s side, on the other hand, would have a very different case. They’d argue Moore’s estimation of making $35 million in his NHL career is way too high and that he never would have become a top-six forward. They’d also defend against Moore’s estimation of his post-hockey career earnings in the financial sector. In July, Bertuzzi’s lawyer Alan D’Silva wanted access to Moore’s reference letters to Stanford and Harvard, saying one expert suggested Moore’s best career options after hockey were as a “hoist operator, farm labourer, or cook in a fast food restaurant.

Moore’s lawyer, Tim Danson, took exception to this suggestion.

“D’Silva’s comment was a serious distortion of the expert report and it’s false because the expert was not saying that Steve Moore should be a fast-food chef,” he said.

There are no details on the settlement amount, but it appears this case will not see a courtroom.

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