Why it’s not cool to wear the jersey of a team that’s not playing

Ronnie Shuker
(Photo by Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star)
(Photo by Andrew Francis Wallace/Toronto Star)

Well that was easy. Simply push the “cool” button, then sit back and watch the fireworks.

Apparently, far too many fans care what one egghead editor ironically considers cool. For the few that caught the irony in the No. 1 hockey fan faux pas, a tip of the hat to you. For those that took the silliness much too seriously (“it’s not about fashion, it’s about coolness.” Really? That wasn’t a drop-dead giveaway?), feel free to lay the lack of clarity on the editor. As the saying goes, “in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is still king,” and he should have put it in braille.

So since the first hockey fan faux pas was so much fun, perhaps the second will be just as enjoyable.

No. 2 hockey fan faux pas: wearing the jersey of a team that isn’t playing.

Yeah, not cool, either.

Seriously, what fans go to games and pimp the paraphernalia of their teams when they’re not even playing? It’s like the clueless North American backpackers who sew their country’s flag on their knapsacks to flaunt their patriotism while trekking across Europe. The French and Italians couldn’t care less.

It’s any wonder why some hockey fans would commit this faux pas.

Can it be that they’re simply transplanted supporters of their teams living in other cities? Probably. But then they could just wait for their club to come through town to show their support.

Could it be that they’re just trying to annoy fans of the home team, which happens to be their club’s archrival? Possibly. But if so, then they succeed for a totally different reason.

Might it just be ironic? Maybe. But then this editor just doesn’t get it.

Whatever the irrational reason is, feel free to tweet your agreement or disagreement to @THNRonnieShuker. If it’s the latter, crank up the vitriol. Or just chill. After all, it’s just a jersey.