What would have happened if Brendan Smith and Zdeno Chara had really fought?

Jason Kay
Detroit Red Wings v Boston Bruins - Game Two

At the end of the first period of Bruins-Red Wings Game 2, Brendan Smith gets tied up with Zdeno Chara, and the two spar before eventually going their separate ways.

Chara, widely recognized as the strongest man in the NHL, is particularly amused at Smith’s, umm, moxy at kind of, sort of challenging him.

Perhaps Smith never saw the old video of Chara tossing one-time Maple Leaf Bryan McCabe around like a father helicopters a child, but it should be mandatory viewing for any Boston opponent.

But what if Chara had followed through on the invitation or the linesmen hadn’t stepped in? Would you have wanted to see the fight? And what would the outcome have been?