Watch the latest NHL 15 trailer, get a taste of the amazing visuals

Rory Boylen
Jarome Iginla

With only two months to go until the release of NHL 15 – the first NHL game launched on the next-gen video game consoles – we get another taste of what sort of visual upgrades we can expect.

Last month, EA released a trailer that showed off some of the visuals during game play. Wednesday, the video game company released another trailer that talks about the “Next Generation Hockey Player.” This video details the new layered makeup of the players, the jersey flow and facial reactions to scoring the big goal or taking the huge hit.

Like last month’s video, this one still doesn’t give us an idea of what the actual game play changes are (the most important part of the release), but again gets us excited for the new-age graphics.

Check it out and see Jarome Iginla in a Colorado Avalanche jersey for the first time.

The visual experience of NHL 15 looks like it will be off the charts – and that’s fantastic. But we’re still left to wonder: what about the gameplay experience?

Commenters on our last NHL 15 post wrote about tackling “glitch” or cheesy goals, upgrading GM mode and, especially, improving the AI. Can we get sensible breakout formations please?

What improvements do you most want to see in NHL 15?

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