Watch AHL goaltender come up with inventive way to break up 2-on-0

Jared Clinton

There’s a lot of ways to break up a 2-on-1, like sliding to block a pass or an aggressive poke check. When it comes to a 2-on-0, it gets a little bit more difficult, but veteran American League netminder David Leggio has a few ideas.

Leggio, who is playing his first season with Islanders affiliate Bridgeport Sound Tigers, had to think quickly as Springfield Falcons forwards Dana Tyrell and Lukas Sedlak came barreling down on him on a shorthanded 2-on-0:

It’s pretty clear that the net didn’t just magically fall off the moorings, no matter how much Leggio tries to plead his case. While it was a hilarious moment in the game, referees Dean Morton and Kendrick Nicholson didn’t find it quite as funny, handing the Falcons a penalty shot.

It was the right call under rule 63.5 of the AHL rulebook, which states if the net is “deliberately displaced by a goalkeeper or player during the course of a ‘breakaway,’ a penalty shot will be awarded to the non-offending team.” But Leggio’s quick thinking certainly helped his odds.

Leggio stopped Tyrell on the breakaway attempt, but would concede a goal to the Blue Jackets prospect less than four minutes later. The Sound Tigers would go on to lose the game, though full marks go to Leggio for his ingenuity. Maybe next time, David.