Sharks, Kings have silent warmup after pre-game power outage

Rory Boylen

The San Jose Sharks are used to playoff power outages, but this is ridiculous.

Before Game 1 of the Sharks-Kings series, the power went out inside SAP Center, kicking off the home team’s Stanley Cup run in a fittingly ominous way.


With the emergency lights on, the scoreboard was also acting up.

The players were still able to get on for the pre-game warmup, but there was a noticeable difference to this one. Do you ever wish the deafening music played in NHL arenas would just go away? Here’s what it would sound like without music. And Sharks fans began filling the void with “Beat L.A. chants.”

But by the time the game was scheduled to start, all was back to its normal, blaring, sensation overload.

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