See the 2014 Stanley Cup winning goal, scored by Los Angeles’ Alec Martinez

Alec Martinez

The Kings led 1-0, and then the Rangers led 2-1, and then the Kings tied it in the third. That’s when we were treated to a double dosage of outstanding, unpredictable sudden death overtime.

In all, there were four posts combined in the first and second overtime periods, two for each team. And there were all kinds of other desperate chances right in front of the crease. But Jonathan Quick and, Henrik Lundqvist, put on a show.

Unfortunately, there had to be a loser.

Alec Martinez, who scored the Game 7 winner against Chicago that got the Kings to the final in the first place, put this one to bed as well. His rebound goal more than halfway through the second overtime period ended the game, the series and the season.

Ladies and gentlemen, your Stanley Cup winning goal, which, thankfully, was infinitely better than the last OT Cup clincher.

Congratulations to the 2014 Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings.

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