Referees announced for 2014 Sochi Olympic tournament

Rory Boylen

The IIHF and the NHL have announced the officials who will work the 2014 Olympic tournament in Sochi. The group will be represented by seven NHL referees, seven international referees, six NHL linesmen and eight international linesmen.

The following are the NHL officials who will work the event:
Dave Jackson – Referee
Mike Leggo – Referee
Brad Meier – Referee
Tim Peel – Referee
Kevin Pollock – Referee
Kelly Sutherland – Referee
Ian Walsh – Referee
Derek Amel – Lines
Lonnie Cameron – Lines
Greg Devorski – Lines
Brad Kovachik – Lines
Andy Mcelman – Lines
Mark Wheler – Lines

Among the international officials is Swedish referee Marcus Vinnerborg, who  in 2010-11 became the first European-trained official to work an NHL game. Also part of the international contingent is german Lars Brueggemann, who played for his home country at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.