• Shootout save of the year at All-Star Skills? Luongo might have made it so

    Jared Clinton
    Roberto Luongo (Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)

    The All-Star weekend may be all about offense, but in the final event of the Skills Competition, the shootout relay, Florida Panthers netminder Roberto Luongo made one of the best shootout stops you’ll see all season.

    With Montreal Canadiens winger Jiri Sekac barreling in on him and moving every which way, Luongo was faked out of his net and began sliding in the wrong direction. With a wide a open net and all the room in the world, the rookie sensation went to slide the puck into the net, but not before Luongo came back with a desperation glove save. Read more

  • The death of Corsi? It’s only a matter of time now

    Ken Campbell
    Drew Doughty (left) and Jonathan Toews  (Photo by Bill Smith/NHLI via Getty Images)

    COLUMBUS – The pocket protector crowd may be dismayed to learn this, but the Death of Corsi is on the horizon. Push up your spectacles and deal with it, people.

    That much has become crystal clear this weekend when the NHL, in conjunction with a company called Sportvision, rolled out technology that will track puck possession, zone time and a host of other data far more accurately and easier to digest than what is currently available.

    The process is still in its very early stages, but it involves embedding a microchip in players’ sweaters and pucks that will be coordinated with infrared cameras around the arena that will be able to uniquely identify each tag, which will tell us exactly who was on the ice, who had the puck and for how long. Read more

  • Tarasenko slips puck past Brian Elliott during shootout selfie

    Jared Clinton
    (via Twitter)

    Once again, there were props galore busted out for the All-Star Skills Competition’s Breakaway Challenge. Thanks to St. Louis Blues goaltender Brian Elliott, fans can get up close and personal.

    During Vladimir Tarasenko‘s first attempt, the netminder got his phone out and snapped a quick pic while his teammate barrelled down on him. Tarasenko held his pose perfectly, and Elliott didn’t even flinch as the shot came sliding towards him. You can check out the full selfie below. Read more

  • All-Star Game MVP honor provides a big boost in recent years

    Jared Clinton
    Marian Gaborik was the 2012 All-Star Game MVP, and when he returned to New York his scoring pace picked up. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

    Though the All-Star Game usually comes and goes without much praise, there might be reason to pay attention to which player takes home honors as the game’s most valuable player.

    Using statistical data from the last 20 mid-season exhibitions that had a forward or defenseman win the MVP award, you can break down what a player’s performance is like before and after the All-Star Game. For the game’s MVP, it could mean the best is yet to come. Read more

  • Sick of Chicago playing outdoor games? Too bad

    Ryan Kennedy
    Chicago's Patrick Kane in Washington (Photo by Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

    One of several big announcements made by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman on Saturday afternoon was the slate of outdoor games for the 2015-16 season. Montreal will take on Boston at the New England Patriots’ Gillette Stadium, Detroit will travel to Coors Field to face the host Colorado Avalanche and Chicago will venture out to the University of Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium to take on the Wild.

    As soon as the Blackhawks were announced as competitors, the Internet crowd got a bit jealous. After all, there are still nine NHL teams that have never played in an outdoor game and don’t have one scheduled right now: Arizona, Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Florida, Nashville, St. Louis, Tampa Bay and Winnipeg. The Jets could have hosted a fourth outdoor game next year, but an agreement could not be reached with the CFL’s Blue Bombers over a stadium date (Bettman hoped that 2016-17 would work now).

    The Hawks are already on outdoor game No. 4 now. So why Chicago again?

    Read more

  • Time for star players to step up because NHL prepared to ditch Olympics

    Ken Campbell
    Sidney Crosby and Henrik Lundqvist (Photo by David E. Klutho /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

    COLUMBUS – Now is the time for the best players in the NHL to stand up the way they do when the Stanley Cup is on the line. Because if they don’t push the issue on Olympic participation, the NHL will be more than happy to trash the entire concept.

    The NHL and NHL Players’ Association announced the details of the 2016 World Cup of Hockey, which will be played in Toronto Sept. 17-Oct. 1, 2016. Both sides spoke of the event in glowing terms and there was much singing from the same songbook. That’s because both sides stand to gain a mother lode of money from a World Cup. The profits for the event are split 50-50 between the NHLPA and the league, meaning they will not be part of Hockey Related Revenues and will have no bearing on the salary cap. Each side is free to take its money and do with it whatever it wants. Read more

  • Why does fighting need to go? It’s all about the brain

    Adam Proteau
    George Parros (Richard WolowiczGetty Images)

    In 12 years at The Hockey News, I’ve made my position on fighting clear: hockey, and the NHL in particular, doesn’t do enough to curtail it. It can’t be banned any more than the NBA, NFL, MLB or any other professional league can stop people from punching each other about the face and head, but it can be regulated to a far greater degree. That’s not radical or treasonous, no matter how staunch the game’s traditionalists try making it out to be.

    The encouraging news is how far the debate has shifted. Where once I heard wisecracks from colleagues who’d make half-serious jokes about me fleeing press row when a fight broke out, I now have a steady stream of people (fans and media) saying essentially the same thing: “I used to love all kinds of fighting, but now I’m with you – I can’t get into the staged fights anymore.” Read more

  • Max Domi does the unthinkable for breakaway tally

    Jared Clinton
    (via YouTube)

    For those who didn’t know Max Domi, the World Junior Championship was somewhat of a coming out party. But if he wasn’t on your radar yet, he is now.

    During Friday night’s game between Domi’s London Knights and the Sarnia Sting, the crafty forward pulled off one of the most incredible breakaway moves you’ll ever see. While it’s not a fancy deke or ridiculous shot, it’s one of the most creative efforts you’ll see all year. Read more