Linesman punches player, trainer tackles linesman after Junior A fight gets out of hand

Jared Clinton
(via FM96/YouTube)
(via FM96/YouTube)

Fights aren’t an uncommon occurrence in Junior A hockey, but it’s not often referees or linesmen find themselves involved in the scuffles. However, a linesman from the Greater Metro Junior A league in Ontario found himself in the middle of a scrap between the London Lakers and Kingsville Kings.

After Kings goaltender Jan Pechek is run into by Lakers captain Michael Wooley, a shoving match breaks out between Wooley and Kingsville defenseman Devin Darrah. Wooley gets the jump on Darrah before the two trade blows. Eventually, the fight is broken up by the linesman, but that’s where things get uglier. Around the 50-second mark of the video, the linesman wrangling Wooley delivers what appears to be a punch and Wooley falls to the ice:

With Wooley down, London’s Jonathan DaSilva comes over and is palmed in the face by the linesman before the Lakers trainer comes flying off the bench. The trainer runs straight at the linesman and delivers a tackle before being escorted off the ice by one of the referees.

Video of the incident just surfaced this past weekend, but the game itself took place Nov. 20. The box score from the outing is a complete mess. As a result of the skirmish between the two teams, 57 penalty minutes were dished out, including eight ejections.

Kingsville, which currently sits atop the GMHL with a 33-2-0 record, won the outing 6-3.

(Video via London FM96)