Holy sh%#, there’s a lot of swearing at Stanley Cup parades these days. Imagine what Rob Ford would say

Jason Kay
Los Angeles Kings Victory Parade And Rally

They don’t make Stanley Cup parades like they used to.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti followed the fine traditions of players such as Corey Crawford and Jonathan Quick by inserting that word our mamas told us to never say into his speech yesterday at Staples Center. And it’s not even an election year.

This came after Kings coach Darryl Sutter bared his chest for the world to see.


It’s all in good fun, so it’s hard to hold their feet, lips or, ummm, bellies to the fire for being joyous. But it’s also a far, far cry from how these celebrations used to unfold.

Take the 1967 Toronto Maple Leafs parade when marching bands serenaded the hockey world’s champions on their ride to City Hall. On the podium, Mayor William Dennison, in an arrow-straight voice, presents captain George Armstrong with a gold watch. And the crowd goes wild. Well, they applaud. (The mayor’s blurb begins at 1:18).

Odds are good the Leafs won’t win the Cup anytime soon, but if they do, and Rob Ford somehow retains his position in office, we can only imagine the theater.

What do you think the city’s colorful/troubled mayor would have to say if Toronto, whose championship drought has reached epic proportions, made its way back to the winner’s circle?