What hilarious quote did Colorado coach Patrick Roy come up with at Friday’s press conference?

Rory Boylen
Patrick Roy (Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images)
Patrick Roy (Glenn James/NHLI via Getty Images)

Patrick Roy is a bit of an unpredictable fellow. He’ll pull his goalie when you least expect it, he’ll snap at the other team with six seconds left in a game his team is winning 6-1 – and those examples are just from this season.

Roy is regularly a great quote, too – the most famous quip being this total burn of Jeremy Roenick from the 1996 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It’s one of sports’ best sound bytes of all time.

Today, Roy approached the audacity of the “rings plugging my ears” quote when talking about what he needs to see from his team heading into Game 5 on Saturday. The Avs won the first two games of their series against the Wild at home, before losing the next two on the road – including a measly 12-shot effort in Game 4 Thursday night.


Look out for a Sunday bag skate if the Avalanche lose.

If Joe Thornton scores four goals for the Sharks on Saturday and the Avalanche win their Game 5 on the same night, there will be a whole lot of ball games this weekend.

And we ain’t talking NBA playoffs or Major League Baseball.

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