Bryan Murray remains brave and stoic in the face of cancer diagnosis

Ken Campbell
Bryan Murray (left) and Paul MacLean  (Photo by Dave Sandford/NHLI via Getty Images)

Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray would have preferred to keep his personal life to himself. His inclination was to not go out and tell the world that his colon cancer had reached Stage 4 and that it had spread to his lungs and liver. Given his druthers, he would have rather not shared to the world that he is dying.

But then he saw a chance to leave a positive legacy. Murray finds himself in his current situation because he put off getting a simple colonoscopy. And if going public could convince people to not make the same mistake, he saw a lot of value in it. So last week, he told the world via Michael Farber and TSN the news. Read more

Top five teams getting points from players making $1M or less

Jonathan Drouin, Johnny Gaudreau and Jason Garrison

In a salary capped NHL where every dollar spent on a superstar is one not spent on roster depth, it can be easy not to notice the rookies and journeymen making $1 million or less at the bottom of the pay scale. But those players can play a crucial role in their team’s success, supplying the offense of a much more expensive player while making pennies on the dollar.

Every general manager is working with the same salary range, but the savvy ones have found ways to acquire cheap secondary scorers who are more than worth their annual salary.

Oftentimes these bargains take the form of phenomenal rookies on entry-level deals, but other times they’re former stars taking a one-year deal to prove their worth, or career journeymen who are steady but unspectacular.

A look at the top teams getting points from their bargain players shows it’s not just the rebuilding teams who are buying points on a budget.

And in most cases, one spectacular scorer on an entry-level deal is not enough to elevate his team onto this list. For instance, Vladimir Tarasenko has 10 goals and 21 points for the St. Louis Blues on a contract that pays him $900,000 in base salary, but there are no other significant players on entry-level deals playing with him. The next-highest scorer on his team making six figures is Joakim Lindstrom and his three goals.

Los Angeles is buoyed by Tyler Toffoli (eight goals, 18 points on a $685,000 salary) and Tanner Pearson (seven goals, 10 points and $775,500 this year), along with million-dollar-man Jake Muzzin and his one goal and seven points. But the Kings haven’t used many young players beyond those three, and so they don’t have the production to crack the top five.

Here’s a look at the five teams getting the most point production out of their players making $1 million or less in salary this year.

Note that this is based on what players are making this year – not on their cap hits, which can be much higher than $1 million for entry-level players with bonuses in their contracts.
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Craig Anderson’s puckhandling nightmare a result of NHL’s push to keep goalies in net

Josh Elliott
Craig Anderson and Josh Jooris

Puckhandling goaltenders are a dying breed in the NHL, and the league couldn’t be happier about it.

Gary Bettman and company have been trying to cut back on goaltenders venturing out to play the puck since the 2005 lockout, and it appears their efforts have paid off. In today’s NHL, even a routine dump-in can be dangerous for a goalie to stop, and their efforts to corral the puck can easily end in disaster.

That’s what happened to Ottawa Senators goalie Craig Anderson in a 4-2 loss to Calgary on Saturday.
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Celebrity Overtime: Five questions with Ice Pilot Mikey McBryan

Mikey McBryan (Shaw Media)

Stars (even reality stars) like hockey too, and everyone once in a while they’re more interested in chatting up last night’s game than they are in pontificating about their latest TV or film projects. In our weekly “Celebrity Overtime” feature, we take five minutes with various celebrities to discuss their love of the good old-fashioned game.

Mikey McBryan is best known as the general manager of Buffalo Airways, the Hay River, NWT airline that’s been featured on the Canadian series for the past six seasons. But when the personality isn’t trying to avoid emergency landings or coming up with cool Buffalo Airways swag to give fans, he’s all about the Stanley Cup—no matter what team wins it. Read more

Senators GM Bryan Murray reveals he has Stage-4 cancer, promotes early testing

Adam Proteau
Bryan Murray (Getty Images)

In an interview with TSN’s Michael Farber Thursday, Ottawa Senators GM Bryan Murray revealed the extent of the cancer he was diagnosed with over the summer – and the long-term outlook for him is not good.

“There is no cure at this point for me,” Murray said of his Stage-4 (the most serious) colon cancer, which had also spread to his lungs and liver. “The frustrating part — and I’ve said this to several doctors since then — is, ‘How come there were no signs?’ ”

The soon-to-be 72-year-old Murray announced in July he was suffering from the disease, but in his discussion with Farber he said he’s since learned he was likely living with some form of cancer for the past decade without knowing it. He had not undergone a colonoscopy that likely would have detected a problem and dealt with it at an earlier stage, but to his credit, Murray is not feeling sorry for himself and made a point to advocate for men to have prostate exams. Read more

Mumps, welding torch burns and popcorn disasters: The NHL’s oddest medical issues

Corey Perry (Getty Images)

The Anaheim Ducks announced late Wednesday that star right winger Corey Perry and cornerstone blueliner Francois Beauchemin had (a) been diagnosed with the mumps, (b) are in various stages of treatment for the viral infection and (c) are sidelined on a day-to-day basis (Perry is considered closer to returning). Mumps aren’t a normal diagnosis for any NHLer, but over the course of league history, there have been a handful of out-of-the-ordinary medical situations like this to confront players. Here are a few examples:

• In 2009, Bruins center David Krejci was separated from the team during the season and quarantined with the H1N1 virus (a.k.a. the swine flu) until he stopped showing symptoms or a fever. Krejci was one of five NHLers (including Doug Weight, Ladislav Smid and Peter Budaj) to contract the virus that season. None of the affected players suffered serious aftereffects. Read more

The Sedins are still making magic – and the Canucks are still winnning

Adam Proteau
Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin  (Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Don’t look now, but the best team in the west is the Vancouver Canucks, who beat the Ottawa Senators 4-3 in overtime Tuesday to improve their record to 12-5-0 and claim sole possession of top spot in the Western Conference. So look now at the reason they were able to do so: a terrific pass-and-convert game-winning goal between Canucks stars Henrik and Daniel Sedin:

Vancouver had blown three leads during the game at Rogers Arena, but escaped with a win 54 seconds before the shootout thanks to a nifty deke Henrik Sedin put on Sens forward Clarke MacArthur followed by a brilliant cross-ice pass he made to brother Daniel Sedin, who instantly fired the puck just inside the post past goalie Craig Anderson for Vancouver’s eighth win in their past 10 games: Read more

Fan altercation between Leafs, Sens fan ends with scary scene

Jared Clinton

Thanks to a fan in attendance of the Ottawa Senators and Toronto Maple Leafs game on Sunday night, we have footage of a fan altercation that got a bit out of hand at the Canadian Tire Centre.

It’s hard to tell what is really happening while the Leafs and Senators fans go at it, but one thing is for sure, it’s hard to expect what happens near the end. You’ll have to watch all the way through to see the horrific finale: Read more