New Dallas Stars mascot is hideous – and that’s OK

Matt Larkin
Courtesy of Dallas Stars

By now, you’ve probably had a look at Victor E. Green, the Dallas Stars’ freshly unveiled mascot. You’ve also visited the nearest emergency eyewash station, flushed thoroughly and patted your face dry with a paper towel.

Victor is ugly. He’s that friend with a great personality who never gets responses on OkCupid and doesn’t know why. Oscar the Grouch, Youppi and a cockroach held hands, stepped inside Jeff Goldblum’s telepod from The Fly, and out popped Victor. He’s that giant toy you win at the beginning of a day at the amusement park and wish you could throw away.

The Victor vitriol is intense. A small sample from enraged Stars fans on Twitter:

“It looks like a booger with legs…”

“As long as his name is the Grinch that stole the Stanley Cup. ???”

“Vomits uncontrollably. WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO YOUR FANS?”

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Epic Stanley Cup tattoo is real. And it’s spectacular

Jason Kay
Dawn Mounce and Stanley Cup Hangover tattoo (photos by DG Photography, House of Ink)

Dawn Mounce bleeds black and silver. Or purple and gold. Or whatever color scheme the Los Angeles Kings are sporting that day.

Now, with the help of graphic designer Eric Poole and tattoo artist/pal Sean Heirigs, Mounce is oozing every shade of her team spirit and then some via a stunning playoff-themed tattoo.

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Ever wanted to be an NHL mascot or anthem singer? Apply to the Calgary Flames

Rory Boylen
Harvey the Hound

Have you ever watched a professional sports mascot do his thing and think “well I could do better than that”?

Have you ever heard a rendition of the national anthem that you didn’t particularly like, laughed at a singer for flubbing the lyrics, or slipping and falling to the ice?

(Feel bad for the lady; still going to watch the video.)

Well, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is.

The Calgary Flames have a couple job openings within the organization. First, the team is looking for someone to sing the Canadian and American national anthems at Calgary Flames, Hitmen and lacrosse’s Roughneck games (plus other performances as requested) for the upcoming season.

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Los Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks: Mascot Showdown!

Bailey Vs Wild Wing (Bailey Photo by Noah Graham/NHLI via Getty Images; Wild Wing Photo by Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photo / Stringer)

In the third and final installment of our NHL playoff quarterfinal match-up Mascot Showdown, it’s the L.A. Kings’ Bailey against the Anaheim Ducks’ Wild Wing. In the first two clashes, Montreal’s Youppi romped over Boston’s Blades, while Chicago’s Tommy Hawk got the best of Minnesota’s Nordy. That means Game 1 in each series has been claimed by the team whose mascot won the showdown (not including the Penguins’ Iceburgh, who got a walk because the Rangers don’t employ a mascot). Coincidence? I’ll leave that up to you. Read more

Chicago Blackhawks vs. Minnesota Wild: Mascot Showdown!

Tommy Hawk vs. Nordy (Photos by Matt Zambonin/Freestyle Photo / Stringer)

In the first edition of our Mascot Showdown yesterday, Montreal’s Youppi! dominated Boston’s Blades, getting two thirds of the fan vote. And since the Penguins’ Iceburgh gets a walk since the Rangers don’t employee a plush-covered prodder, we move on to the Chicago Blackhawks and the Minnesota Wild. Which team’s mascot is better? Read more

Kings’ Bailey named most awesome mascot in sports

Brian Costello
2014 Coors Light NHL Stadium Series - Anaheim Ducks v Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings mascot Bailey has been selected the best mascot in the four major sports leagues.

That honor was handed down Monday by the Cartoon Network’s annual Hall of Game awards show.  The lovable lion named after the late Ace Bailey won the most awesome mascot award and got to hang out with the likes of Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman.

Bailey beat out Benny the Bulls (Chicago Bulls), Raymond (Tampa Bay Rays) and Swoop (Philadelphia Eagles). Each of the four major sports leagues was represented.

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Top 10: NHL mascots

Rory Boylen
SJ Sharkie

What does it take to be a good mascot? Cool look? Rich history? Wild pre-game entrances? Funny in-game antics?

As a group, THN has ranked the top 10 mascots before in our Ultimate Book of Hockey Lists. I’m going to set out on my own with this ranking. The best mascots have a bit of everything. Here we go…



The Senators mascot has been around since the (second) beginning in 1992.

He has the best hockey hair of any NHL mascot, so that counts for something. That counts for a lot of something.

Spartacat looks friendly, yet unpredictable, two positive mascot characteristics. He’s not perfect, but he sticks out.





Mick E. Moose

Started from the bottom now he’s here.

The Jets mascot deserves credit for paying his dues over the years. His first incarnation was with the Manitoba Moose of the International League. That team and its mascot would join the American League in 2001 after the IHL folded and became affiliated with an NHL team for the first time: the Vancouver Canucks.

He was part of the Moose organization for 15 years, but when the Jets were transplanted from Atlanta, he put on the aviator helmet and graduated to the NHL.



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