Ask Adam: Jersey colors, Markov’s future, and the NHL’s playoff format

Adam Proteau
James Neal (Dave Reginek/NHLI via Getty Images)

This is THN’s online mailbag. I trust you’re familiar with how these things work, so let’s get right to it. Thanks to all who submitted a question.


Regarding home and away jerseys; who’s supposed to wear white/color and when? I was under the impression home teams wore colored jerseys, and the visiting teams wore white. This was reversed however in Thursday’s game between the Penguins and the Red Wings: the Pens wore black and the Wings wore white. I asked the Twitterverse and the majority response was that Detroit asked to wear white. Is there a rule? What is it?
Rachel Katherine, Boston, Mass.


You’re right, NHL teams by-and-large are supposed to wear their dark jersey at home and their white jersey on the road. But the league does allow for the situation to be reversed on a few occasions each year – if the team wants it. That was the case last night. A Red Wings spokesman confirmed Friday that the team usually chooses a few home dates every season to wear their road colors, simply to give fans a different look. Read more

Hockey jerseys or sandwich boards: Are ads on NHL jerseys inevitable?

Adam Proteau
Hockey Jersey

Picture it: the iconic Montreal Canadiens jersey. Now picture an Apple logo underneath it. Now picture McDonald’s arches on one side of it and a bank logo on the other. I probably should have warned you to have a barf bag nearby before you read that, shouldn’t I? My apologies.

The specter of advertising on NHL jerseys is going to grow in the days to come. It’s already on the minds and tongues of executives in the NBA, including new commissioner Adam Silver. He said in February that sponsor symbols and logos on uniforms is but a fait accompli. “I believe it ultimately will happen in the NBA,” Silver said. “It makes good business sense.”

If you believe the NHL will follow Silver’s lead and alter the optics of hockey jerseys, you’re not alone. Uniform advertising has been discussed unofficially in hockey circles for some time. And my view on it has changed.

As I wrote in THN many years back, I thought it was worth exploring if the monies collected from the additional revenue stream went toward making NHL tickets more affordable. I know, I know, the folly of youth. Read more

Please, Hockey Gods, don’t ever let a team wear a jersey like this…



There have been some truly horrawful hockey sweaters over the years, with these head-shakers springing first to mind…


Getty Images


And that’s not even including the advertisement-splattered duds from European leagues or the bad-on-purpose minor league efforts. But even those don’t come close to this idea for a college baseball jersey, which we stumbled upon via Tom Lay of Deadspin this morning:

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Cincinnati Cyclones to wear Captain America jerseys for Military Appreciation Night

Rory Boylen

Cyclones assemble!

This Saturday, the ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones will have a Military Appreciation Night and Super Hero Night, since the two go hand-in-hand.

For the event, the team will use special superhero uniforms. Captain America uniforms, to be exact.

And they are…perfect. Ironman is also scheduled to make an appearance at the game. The only way this could be made better is if the Wheeling Nailers showed up in Red Skull unis. Read more

Top 10 logos we miss from the NHL’s golden era

Jason Kay
Oakland Seals v Montreal Canadiens

Today’s players are bigger, faster, stronger and the hockey is better than ever. Yada, yada, yada. We’ve heard it ad nauseum and we don’t disagree.

But if we could turn back the hands of time for one aspect of the game, it’d be for fashion. In particular, I miss the jerseys and logos of the 1970s.

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Kings, Ducks unveil Stadium Series jerseys – advantage Anaheim

Rory Boylen

They’ll be playing outdoor hockey at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles on Jan. 25, but that’s not the most shocking thing in this story. The jerseys…oh the jerseys.

The Kings and Ducks have both unveiled what their look will be when the Stadium Series swings out to Southern California. The Kings elected to go with the rather drab dark color on dark color on dark color. C’mon, no purple or gold? We’re disappointed Los Angeles.

The Ducks, however, went for the much more eye-catching bright orange, the kind of outside-the-box look teams should strive for at these events.


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