WHL’s Saskatoon Blades unveil Star Wars-themed jerseys

Jared Clinton
Saskatoon Blades Star Wars jerseys (via Saskatoon Blades)

The hype surrounding the newest Star Wars film, which is set to be released in December, is almost impossible to escape. And if you were hoping to take in a hockey game to get away from the Star Wars frenzy, don’t head to Saskatoon in late November.

The WHL’s Saskatoon Blades have planned themselves a Star Wars night for Saturday, Nov. 28 when the Edmonton Oil Kings roll into town. In sticking with the theme of the evening, the Blades have unveiled some brand new jerseys that they’ll be wearing for the game. The threads, which use a fight scene from of the film’s fictional planets, Hoth, as the background, are exactly what you’d expect from a Lucasfilm-approved, Star Wars-themed jersey: Read more

Montreal Canadiens throwback to ‘World Champion’ days with Winter Classic jerseys

Jared Clinton
Montreal Canadiens 2016 Winter Classic jersey (via tricoloresports.com)

It’s been 91 years since the Montreal Canadiens wore one of the more unique jerseys in NHL history, but the Habs are bringing back their celebratory world champion crest for the 2015-16 Winter Classic.

When the Canadiens head outdoors on Jan. 1, 2016 to kick off the new year against the Bruins, they’ll be sporting an updated version of their 1924-95 jerseys.

The Winter Classic jerseys take that classic sweater, however, and put a new spin on it. Gone is red as the primary color and in its place is white. The color bar on the chest and arms, which was blue with white piping, has been modified to become a blue bar with red piping, helping to break up the white of the sweater. The Canadiens have also altered the positioning of the logos. Read more

Quebec First Nations chief calls Blackhawks logo ‘offensive,’ would support crest change

Jared Clinton
Chicago Blackhawks concept art created by Mike Ivall (via Icethetics)

A Quebec First Nations chief has called the Chicago Blackhawks’ logo as offensive as the mark worn by the NFL’s Washington Redskins.

The head of the Assembly of First Nations of Quebec and Labrador, Ghislain Picard, was approached with a logo design that has begun circulating around social media and said he would be on the side of the Blackhawks using the new logo.

“If there’s consideration for what we think and what we would like to see, then sure,” Picard told CBC. Read more

The 10 most Halloweeny jerseys in hockey (WARNING: nightmare fuel)

Matt Larkin

Halloween is amazing for little kids. Their imaginations are so free that they can become their costumes in their minds. Young adult Halloween is pretty darned fun, too, as we’re smart enough and confident enough to think of cool costumes that represent who we are and what we find interesting.

But remember those awkward early-teen years? When you’d be labelled uncool for trying too hard, for liking Halloween too much, for full-bore trick-or-treating? The goal was to still acquire the candy but to do so with the least possible enthusiasm. Where I grew up, as an Ontario kid, that meant throwing on your shoulder pads, helmet, gloves and jersey and going  “as a hockey player.” Lame, but I did it for a couple years, voice cracking as I stammered out “tr-IICK or treat.”

If only I had access to the hardcore, scary, legitimately Halloweeny hockey uniforms I can find on the Interweb today. Those teen Halloweens would’ve been infinitely better. With that, I proudly present the 10 most Halloweeny jerseys in hockey today. Logos make up a significant portion of the criteria, but the entire sweater experience matters. What constitutes a Halloweeny jersey? Some combination of…

(a) A bold, costumey and/or Halloweeny color scheme
(b) A logo of something one might wear as a costume
(c) Just plain scary
(d) Active team*
(e) Is not a Halloween-themed special jersey, because that’s cheating

Some check off just a couple of those boxes. Others ace all five. Enjoy, and share your own picks in the comment section.

Read more

ECHL’s Walleye, Komets reveal amazing Super Mario-themed ‘8-Bit Night’ jerseys

Jared Clinton
Toledo Walleye 8-bit jersey (via Toledo Walleye/Instagram)

The Colorado in-game audio crew started having some fun this season by playing the Super Mario power-up sound whenever the Avalanche successfully kill a penalty. It’s a nice touch, but they’ll be one-upped by their ECHL affiliate this season.

When the Avalanche-affiliated Fort Wayne Komets roll into Toledo to take on the Walleye on Nov. 21, the two clubs will be taking part in “8-Bit Night,” a creative tribute to the video games of the past. The game will also be the Walleye’s “Movember Night,” where they’ll be giving away fake mustaches to the first 2,000 fans in the building and will be offering mustache grooming for those who wish to partake.

But what makes the night special are the jerseys. Take a look at these 8-bit beauties: Read more

Swedish club Skelleftea AIK unveils awesome Movember jerseys

Jared Clinton
Skelleftea AIK's Movember jersey (via Skelleftea AIK/Instagram)

Once October’s fundraising for breast cancer research ends, November’s much hairier drive to raise funds for cancer research, Movember, begins. As a way to raise some money for the cause, SHL team Skelleftea AIK have unveiled a brand new jersey.

The black, yellow and gold threads aren’t a far cry from what the Swedish club usually wears, but there’s a brand new addition that’s impossible to miss. The leaf logo hasn’t been replaced, but the club gave it a disguise: its very own mustache to support Movember. Read more

Boston Bruins unveil beautiful throwback jerseys for 2016 Winter Classic

Jared Clinton
Zdeno Chara, David Krejci and Tuukka Rask model the Winter Classic jersey. (via Bruins/Twitter)

The Boston Bruins will be rocking black duds when they hit the ice for their Winter Classic contest against the Montreal Canadiens.

In an event held Saturday afternoon, the Bruins unveiled the Winter Classic jerseys, which pull from a number of classic jersey to create a brand new design. The logo is pulled from the sweater the Bruins wore in their inaugural season, 1924, and uses a similar striping pattern with an updated color scheme to match Boston’s present-day black and gold. Read more

The WHL’s Regina Pats have beautiful new jerseys for the 2015-16 season

Jared Clinton
Regina Pats redesigned jersey. (Photo courtesy Regina Pats)

The Regina Pats had been working on a redesign for almost a year, and the time and effort put into the club’s new jerseys has paid off.

The Pats a brand new jersey for the 2015-16 season and the WHL club’s new threads are spectacular. Their past look, which used a colorized shoulder and a spaced striping design on the arms and base of the jersey, had been in use for the past five seasons. Don’t expect this new redesign to be leaving anytime soon, though, because it should be able to stand the test of time: Read more