Miss Canada’s hockey-themed dress must be seen to be believed

Jared Clinton
(Larry Marano/Getty Images)

There’s a stereotype that all Canadians like hockey. It doesn’t help when kids playing the national pastime used to be on the back of the five dollar bill, and neither will this.

Miss Universe Canada, 26-year-old Chanel Beckenlehner, was tasked with wearing a costume that best represented her home country. Adorned with hockey sticks, knee high skate-esque boots, and the Stanley Cup sitting atop her head, Beckenlehner took the stage for the national costume round. It’s a thing to behold. Read more

San Jose Sharks honor Metallica with awesome custom jerseys

Jared Clinton
(Don Smith/Getty Images)

Metallica is one of the seminal rock bands in music history, and they’ve got quite a storied history in California. The group has made evident their love of Bay Area sports teams, and the San Jose Sharks played their part on Wednesday night with ‘Metallica Night.’

As part of the themed night, the team had vocalist and guitarist James Hetfield, drummer Lars Ulrich, and bassist Robert Trujillo drop the ceremonial puck, played Metallica throughout the night, and handed the team some custom made Metallica/Sharks jerseys. Take a look at these threads: Read more

ECHL team honors Atlanta Flames with new alternate jerseys

Jared Clinton
(via Gwinnett Gladiators/Getty Images)

With the Atlanta Thrashers packing up in 2011 and moving north of the border to become the Winnipeg Jets, the hope that the team would ever pay homage to hockey’s history in Georgia died. But never fear, Atlanta Flames fans, because the ECHL’s Gwinnett Gladiators are picking up the slack.

For weeks, the Gladiators having been teasing the release of a new jersey, hyping it using the hashtag “#passthetorch.” The hashtag itself was a tip of the cap to the Flames, and the jerseys are the Gladiators going the rest of the way. The new threads themselves are slick and do a good job harkening back to the Flames of the ‘70s and still looking modern. Read more

New York Islanders to don inaugural season threads for final game at Nassau Coliseum

Jared Clinton
Islanders Logo (via sportslogos.net)

The New York Islanders have already brought back the ‘Fisherman’ jerseys, and, according to the team, the uniforms from the team’s inaugural season will be worn for the Isles final home game at Nassau Coliseum.

On April 11, when the Islanders take on the visiting Columbus Blue Jackets, the threads from 1972 will be worn to commemorate the team’s 40-plus seasons at Nassau Coliseum. Similar to the way the jerseys were worn in the Islanders first season, there will only be numbers on the jerseys, as no nameplates will adorn the back of the sweater. Read more

Ranking every NHL All-Star Game jersey of all-time

Matt Larkin
The new "Motocross" look didn't go over well on the THN voting panel.

How would you describe the process of examining every NHL All-Star Game jersey ever made and debating the merits of each at the THN office until we’d hammered out a definite set of rankings?

Silly? Stupid? Fun? Pointless? Nothing to do with the actual sport? Cool?

See the parallels to the All-Star Game itself? If you hate the whole idea, jersey rankings likely don’t excite you. If you’re OK with one day of on-ice zaniness, read on. We assessed every set of threads, starting with the first branded All-Star Game in 1947. We even put our biases to the test by having our far more fashionable friends at Elle Canada (Lisa Guimond, fashion features editor, and Ava Baccari, assistant fashion editor) audit our choices after the fact. The results were interesting. Where does the newest abomination incarnation fall?

Read more

An open letter to idiotic hockey jersey-throwers (and those considering it) everywhere

Adam Proteau
Nazem Kadri (Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Dear idiotic jersey-throwers (and those considering it) everywhere,

Consider this a typed-out high-five and congratulations on a job well done. You gentlemen have skillfully made your nuanced point in a manner a considered column or passionate speech never could. After another night of at least one of you disrupting an NHL game by chucking your jersey from the stands onto the playing surface, we all finally get it. Admittedly, it wasn’t apparent until the moment those jerseys touched the ice, but it sure is now: the team represented by the piece of uniform is not particularly good. On Monday evening, the Maple Leafs were the group of players convicted via flying clothes, and it wasn’t just one of you rendering judgment via your ability to partially disrobe before large gatherings of people; the guy I’m guessing is the Grand Poobah of your membership chose to throw his Leafs jersey on the ice while the puck was in play, creating a dangerous situation that easily could’ve seriously injured one of the players he claims to cheer for.

This stuff has been happening for months now, at the Air Canada Centre and on the road for Leafs games, and in other NHL venues. And let’s give all of you wise guys credit – your completely unselfish actions have made a big difference. Goodness knows the Oilers and Leafs have turned things around 180 degrees since you humbly registered your individual displeasure in front of the world, and your names should be engraved on the Stanley Cup when both teams win it in the next year or two. Read more

If this is the best the Leafs have, it’s time to tear it down

Ken Campbell
Phil Kessel . (Rick Madonik/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

So let’s take inventory from the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-1 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes Monday night. Four – four! – Leaf sweaters tossed to the ice, plus a waffle. Two fights, one win for each team. And, we’re told by Leafs coach Peter Horachek, that the Leafs outchanced the Hurricanes 29-19. One goal, for only the second time in five games and a fifth straight loss.

When asked about seeing sweaters tossed to the ice, Phil Kessel was as eloquent as he’s been since he joined the Maple Leafs. By Kessel’s standards, it was right there with Phil Esposito admonishing the fans of Canada during the 1972 Summit Series.

Read more

Do you miss the Coyotes original jerseys? Then today is a great day for you

Jared Clinton
(via Arizona Coyotes/Twitter)

What’s old is new again. First, it was the Islanders fisherman jersey, now it’s the Coyotes original Kachina-style jerseys.

The Arizona Coyotes announced today that on March 5 when the team hosts the Vancouver Canucks for what they’re calling Throwback Night, they will wear the same jerseys they wore all the way back in 1996. That’s right, those same, strange jerseys the team wore when it made its move from Winnipeg to Phoenix to become the Coyotes. Read more