Leafs, Canucks to honor Pat Quinn on their uniforms

Adam Proteau
Maple Leafs Pat Quinn jersey (via Maple Leafs Twitter account)

Like the rest of the hockey world, the Canucks and Maple Leafs are grieving the passing of Pat Quinn, who died Sunday at age 71. But given that Quinn was a key figure for those two franchises – leading both to as close as they’d come to a Stanley Cup championship in the many years before his arrival and after his departure – it’s only fitting that Toronto and Vancouver would do something extra to honor their former coach and GM.

The Maple Leafs announced they would wear a special patch on their jerseys for their next two games; the patch features Quinn’s initials and a green clover in reference to his Irish heritage: Read more

An ECHL team held a Seinfeld night and yada yada yada, it was pretty funny

Josh Elliott
Bakersfield Condors Seinfeld Night

The general manager of the East Coast League’s Bakersfield Condors must be a low-talker, because he somehow convinced his players to wear puffy pirate shirt tribute jerseys for a ‘Seinfeld’ appreciation night on Saturday.

The jerseys were inspired by a gaudy pirate shirt Jerry Seinfeld once accidentally agreed to wear for a TV appearance in an episode of the hit ‘90s sitcom. They were part of ‘Puffy Shirt Jersey Night,’ put on in honour of the 25th anniversary of the show’s first airing on television.
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Tampa Bay’s new third jersey: Shades of 1990 or do you like the look?

Jared Clinton
Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos models the new Lightning third jersey (Tampa Bay Lightning)

When the Tampa Bay Lightning take the ice tonight to host the San Jose Sharks, they’ll debut their brand new third jerseys, a version very similar to their previous third.

Black and white, with a hint of blue thrown in, the jerseys really aren’t a far cry from the NHL’s ‘Black Ice’ jersey series. In fact, the two are actually quite alike. Devoid of much striping, the jersey also brings to mind those worn by a certain Stanley Cup champion from last season: Read more

ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones go all-out with five specialty jerseys for 2014-15


If you’ve ever felt like wasting away in Margaritaville, Feb. 27 is just one of the days that the ECHL’s Cincinnati Cyclones wants to see you at the U.S. Bank Arena.

Cincinnati, like many of the other franchises in the ECHL, knows that part of running a successful minor-league hockey franchise in a tough market is appealing to the masses with fun, themed jerseys and special event nights. That’s why the Cyclones have released specialty jerseys and game-day giveaways or events for five separate nights this season: Read more

Ads on jerseys? Glowing pucks? Have ye no shame, NHL?

Adam Proteau
John Tripp of Koelner Haie in the German Hockey League (Getty Images)

In early October, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman gave an informal state-of-the-league address in which he used the phrase: “our best season off the ice” and said the following:

“The League is in an incredible place as it relates to stability, whether it’s long-term agreements with our players or our national broadcasters, or whether it’s the fact that our franchises from an ownership standpoint have never been more stable. We think the vital signs are not only good, they’re terrific.”

So with all this good news rolling in, why did league chief operating officer John Collins come out at a sports media technology conference and ruin everyone’s good feelings by announcing advertising on NHL jerseys is “coming and happening” and that NHL had recently seen a proposal to reemploy the infamous glowing puck (as seen on Fox hockey broadcasts in the 1990s)? At long last, has the league no decency, no base-level restraint so as not to carpet-bomb consumers of its product with endless corporate hawking? Read more

Blackhawks unveil sharp-looking Winter Classic jerseys

Chicago Blackhawks logo (Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

The Chicago Blackhawks have revealed the jerseys they’ll wear at the 2015 Winter Classic in Washington, D.C. – and like just about everything associated with the Hawks’ iconic logo, it looks quite good.

Hawks left winger Brandon Saad modeled the Winter Classic jersey Wednesday night. It has a lace-up collar and secondary logos placed on each sleeve that overlap the top two stripes on the sleeve, instead of the standard placement of them on the shoulders: Read more

Hipsters love New York’s old “fish sticks” jersey, but what else?

Ryan Kennedy
They're baaaaack. (Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios/Getty Images)

The New York Islanders are looking really good for this season. The roster is deeper than it has been in a long time and every position is accounted for. It almost…almost makes you forget about the old “fish sticks” logo and jersey that blighted the franchise in the mid-1990s.

But as it turns out, the team isn’t done with the uniform just yet. According to Newsday, the team will wear a version of the jersey during warm-ups for one game this season, then auction them off for charity. Why? Here’s the money quote:

“It’s part of our history,” said senior marketing manager Eileen Mathews. “I saw probably five to 10 people in Brooklyn wearing that jersey. I think it’s gotten a cult following.”

Brooklyn? Cult following? You know what that’s code for: Hipsters.

Which got me thinking, what other hockey gear will hipsters be rocking this season? Here’s a curated (and possibly artisanal) rundown:

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