Jonas Hiller’s new Flames Retro Night mask is a thing of beauty

Jared Clinton
Jonas Hiller's Retro Night mask (via FlamesTV/NHL)

Calgary Flames netminder Jonas Hiller has long been one of the NHL’s most stylish goaltenders. His matte black masks in Anaheim and Calgary, fit with gold cages, were unique and something that hadn’t been seen before. Now, for the Flames’ retro night on March 19, Hiller has a new, beautiful mask to showcase.

The mask, a mixture of the deep yellow and red that pop on Calgary’s throwback uniforms, includes a “stitched on” Flames logo, the matte paint job that Hiller has made popular and his signature gold cage. There are also a lot of smaller details that you might not catch at first glance.

FlamesTV host Kristin Hallett caught up with Hiller to ask him about what went into the design, why he chose it and his other retro night gear, including a slick set of pads: Read more

Mike Smith’s retro mask features frightening Alice Cooper

Jared Clinton
The back panel of Mike Smith's retro mask features classic rocker Alice Cooper. (David Arrigo)

When the Arizona Coyotes announced they would be having a retro night, it would have been easy to assume the scariest thing would be the return of the “kachina” jerseys. Turns out it’s Mike Smith’s mask.

Mask designer and artist David Arrigo released a first-look at Smith’s mask on his website, and to say the back panel is frightening would be an understatement. Though the mask itself is a clean and beautiful representation of the old Coyotes logo, the back panel features classic rock icon Alice Cooper staring into your soul. Check it out: Read more

Ondrej Pavelec’s new mask pays tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Jared Clinton
Ondrej Pavelec's new mask features Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (via DaveArt/Facebook)

When you think about Winnipeg’s music scene, names like The Guess Who, Neil Young or even The Weakerthans might come to mind. But Jets goaltender Ondrej Pavelec had a different idea for his new mask.

Instead of going with homegrown music icons, Pavelec’s new mask will pay homage to a group of rock legends, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. The mask, painted by David Gunnarson of DaveArt, features photos of Springsteen from just about every generation of his illustrious career. Read more

Check out Ben Bishop’s new, luminescent Tron Lightning mask

Jared Clinton
Ben Bishop Tampa Tron Mask featured

At 6-foot-7, 214 lbs., Ben Bishop is a hard guy to miss. Thanks to his new mask design, it’s even easy to spot him in the dark.

Bishop, Tampa Bay’s number one netminder, teamed up with DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson for an incredible new lid that makes use of Gunnarsson’s GLOW Tech FX that he’s been using quite a bit lately. The GLOW Tech FX paint allows the mask to glow in the dark, and Bishop’s mask makes such great use of the technology that you could see him from a mile away. Read more

Viktor Fasth’s new mask will haunt your dreams

Jared Clinton
Viktor Fasth's new mask (DaveArt/Facebook)

Viktor Fasth is no stranger to having creepy masks, but his brand new lid takes the cake.

Working with DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, Fasth came up with a brand new lid that mixes the cogwheels and oil that have become staples on the masks of Oilers netminders with his a childhood fear of many – a frightening looking clown. Be warned – if you wanted to sleep well tonight, Fasth’s new mask might throw a wrench in those plans. Read more

Detroit’s Petr Mrazek has new pads, and they are glorious

Jared Clinton
Petr Mrazek (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

There’s no position player in sport that gets to show as much style as hockey goaltenders, and Detroit Red Wings netminder Petr Mrazek is taking things to the next level with his new gear.

Mrazek took a page out of Chris Mason’s old Winnipeg Jets playbook, going with the Red Wings legendary logo split across his gear. A lot of goaltenders choose to go with team colors, but Mrazek’s design is unique and something that’s a welcome change from the whitewashed pads many goaltenders wear.

Screen Shot 2015-02-13 at 12

With an injury to Red Wings starter Jimmy Howard that has seen him on the sidelines since Jan. 10, Mrazek, 22, was called upon to take over starting duties. Since that time, he has started the Red Wings last 13 games, posting a 9-3-0 record, including a 28-save shutout of the Colorado Avalance on Feb. 5.

Both Howard and Jonas Gustavsson are healthy now, though, so Mrazek could find himself headed to the AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins. What a shame it would be if these pads don’t get their NHL debut this season. Mrazek has shown he’s able to play at a high level in the NHL, though, so maybe he and his new duds stick around while Gustavsson finds himself back in Grand Rapids.

Mrazek’s not the only netminder to get a new piece of gear, though. From David Gunnarsson at DaveArt comes the first look at Pekka Rinne’s new mask.

Pekka Rinne Mask Feb 2015

The unique feature of this new mask is that the eye of the Predators’ logo glows neon green in the dark, something that will be interesting to see come anthem time in Nashville. Otherwise, the design is similar to what Rinne currently wears, and Gunnarsson calls it the “prequel” to Rinne’s current Gladiator mask.

This mask, Gunnarsson writes, is the mask that General Maximus used before he became the gladiator in the 2000 film starring Russell Crowe. As always, masks are better when they have some sort of story. It’s interesting to see Rinne sticking with one theme.

Antti Niemi goes with throwback mask for Stadium Series

Jared Clinton
Antti Niemi's Stadium Series mask. (David Gunnarsson/DaveArt)

Though the outdoor games may be getting tired at this point, the goalie masks that are worn for the outings bring a little bit of flavor to each contest.

We can thank Antti Niemi for bringing a cool piece of headwear to the 2014-15 Stadium Series game between the San Jose Sharks and Los Angeles Kings. Niemi, who is likely to be the starting netminder for the Sharks in the game, is going old school with an homage to the goaltenders of years passed. Read more

Dustin Tokarski’s amazing new mask features the Tick

Jared Clinton
Montreal Canadiens netminder Dustin Tokarski's new mask features superhero the Tick. (via DaveArt/Facebook)

With the rate at which superhero movies are being produced by Hollywood, it’s not surprising when you see the likes of a Spiderman, Hulk, Batman or Superman motif on a goaltender’s mask. But Montreal Canadiens netminder Dustin Tokarski went off the board with the crusader for his newest lid.

For those who may not remember the Tick, he has made his appearance in the mainstream in several ways. There have been comic books, television shows and now, thanks to Tokarski, a Tick goalie mask. Read more