Eddie Lack’s new mask features Roberto Luongo’s face

Jared Clinton
Eddie Lack (Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images)

One of the biggest stories of the 2013-14 season was the goaltending controversy in Vancouver revolving around Eddie Lack, then a rookie, and Roberto Luongo. Throughout the whole ordeal, however, the two netminders made it evident that while they competed on the ice, they were close friends away from the rink.

Luongo was eventually shipped off to the Florida Panthers before the 2013-14 trade deadline and Lack, after being part of another crowded crease this past season, was dealt to the Carolina Hurricanes less than two weeks ago. Even though they’re in different cities, though, Lack is making sure they’ll never be too far apart.

Wednesday evening, Lack, 27, unveiled a piece of his new mask for the upcoming season. While other goaltenders feature family, flags and accomplishments on the back of their masks, Lack’s will feature his old pal, Luongo, smiling ear to ear. That’s not a joke. Seriously, Lack has Luongo’s face on his mask for next season. Take a look: Read more

Blackhawks’ Darling gets new mask, pays tribute to all things Chicago

Jared Clinton
Scott Darling's new mask (via InGoal Magazine/Headstrong Grafx)

If it’s been on the silver screen or a postcard and has any roots in Chicago, you will find it on Scott Darling’s new mask.

The Lemont, Ill., native’s new lid has just about everything that screams Windy City on it. Whether it’s stunning monuments and attractions like the iconic Cloud Gate – also known as the ‘Bean’ – and the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier or pieces of film history like the Blues Brothers or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, if it’s Chicago, it’s on there. Take a look: Read more

Russian women’s goaltender pays tribute to late Alexei Cherepanov with beautiful mask

Jared Clinton
Maria Sorokina (via Twitter/Andre Ringuette/HHOF Images)

Goaltenders have used mask art to pay tribute to troops, they’ve shown their love for family and friends and in some cases the legends who came before them. For Russia’s Maria Sorokina, her mask for the Women’s World Championship honors the life of Alexei Cherepanov.

Cherepanov, you may recall, was drafted 17th overall by the New York Rangers in the 2007 draft. While playing in the KHL for Avangard Omsk in 2008, Cherepanov tragically passed away at the age of 19. During an October 2008 contest against Vityaz Chekhov, Cherepanov returned to the bench following a shift, collapsed and was later pronounced dead. His death shocked the hockey world. Read more

Michael J. Fox creates ‘Back To The Future’ goalie mask with Henrik Lundqvist

Jared Clinton
Michael J. Fox's custom 'Back to the Future' mask (via DaveArt)

Back to the Future is one of the most beloved movie franchises of the 1980s, and that’s thanks in large part to the talent of Michael J. Fox, who made us fall in love with Marty McFly.

As part of Henrik Lundqvist’s series on MSG, The Mask, he had Fox on as a guest to talk about how life was growing up, what made Lundqvist become a goaltender and, in the end, design a special mask to be painted by Lundqvist’s mask maker, David Gunnarsson of DaveArt.

You can check out the full Back to the Future-themed mask below: Read more

Justin Peters’ new mask turns Honest Abe into frightening dog

Jared Clinton
Justin Peters' newest mask (via DaveART/Facebook)

Justin Peters’ nickname, ‘Pete-Dawg,’ has made an appearance on his NHL masks in some way, shape or form since he made his NHL debut in 2009-10. Never has the “dawg” been so dapper, though.

For his newest mask, Peters teamed up with DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson to create a very ferocious yet presidential dog – one fitted with a top hat, bow tie and Abraham Lincoln’s famous facial hair. It’s not just a nod to one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, though. It actually pays tribute to what has become a Capitals tradition. After every victory, the players hand out an Honest Abe hat and beard to the player of the game. Read more

Jonas Hiller’s new Flames Retro Night mask is a thing of beauty

Jared Clinton
Jonas Hiller's Retro Night mask (via FlamesTV/NHL)

Calgary Flames netminder Jonas Hiller has long been one of the NHL’s most stylish goaltenders. His matte black masks in Anaheim and Calgary, fit with gold cages, were unique and something that hadn’t been seen before. Now, for the Flames’ retro night on March 19, Hiller has a new, beautiful mask to showcase.

The mask, a mixture of the deep yellow and red that pop on Calgary’s throwback uniforms, includes a “stitched on” Flames logo, the matte paint job that Hiller has made popular and his signature gold cage. There are also a lot of smaller details that you might not catch at first glance.

FlamesTV host Kristin Hallett caught up with Hiller to ask him about what went into the design, why he chose it and his other retro night gear, including a slick set of pads: Read more

Mike Smith’s retro mask features frightening Alice Cooper

Jared Clinton
The back panel of Mike Smith's retro mask features classic rocker Alice Cooper. (David Arrigo)

When the Arizona Coyotes announced they would be having a retro night, it would have been easy to assume the scariest thing would be the return of the “kachina” jerseys. Turns out it’s Mike Smith’s mask.

Mask designer and artist David Arrigo released a first-look at Smith’s mask on his website, and to say the back panel is frightening would be an understatement. Though the mask itself is a clean and beautiful representation of the old Coyotes logo, the back panel features classic rock icon Alice Cooper staring into your soul. Check it out: Read more