Jonathan Quick pays tribute to Special Forces with World Cup mask

Jared Clinton
(via Jonathan Quick/Twitter)

Jonathan Quick’s mask design has been pretty standard over the past several seasons.

When he’s played for the Los Angeles Kings, Quick’s mask has been painted to look like a knight’s helmet. And when he’s gone off to play for Team USA, the helmet has been updated with a few details to give it that American flare. However, Quick is going an entirely different direction for the World Cup.

With the tournament quickly approaching, Quick unveiled his World Cup lid and the design isn’t anything like the masks he has worn in the past. Instead, Quick’s going with a white camouflage base and two logos tied to the Special Forces and Green Berets. Take a look: Read more

Mrazek’s amazing World Cup mask crosses King Kong with Family Guy

Jared Clinton
(via DaveART/Facebook)

Petr Mrazek may not start every game for the Czech Republic and he may not post the best record or find himself among the leaders for save percentage at the tournament, but there’s little doubt he’ll lay claim to having one of the best masks of all the netminders taking part in the World Cup.

Mrazek has had a long-standing tradition of incorporating Peter Griffin into his masks, which have been produced by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson. Mrazek’s masks have featured Griffin as RoboCop, Santa Claus and Superman, and Mrazek made sure to bring the Family Guy patriarch along for his mask at the World Cup.

However, without any clear tie-in — RoboCop fits with Detroit and Santa Claus was for a holiday mask — Mrazek and Gunnarsson had to get creative. And did they ever. Check out Mrazek’s mask featuring Griffin scaling the CN Tower like a knock-off King Kong: Read more

Michal Neuvirth unveils checkerboard Czech Republic mask for World Cup

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

Michal Neuvirth is going to have to have his work cut out for him when it comes to challenging for the starting gig in the Czech Republic goal at the World Cup, but if he’s hoping to stand out in the crease ahead of Petr Mrazek and Ondrej Pavelec, Neuvirth’s flashy mask should help.

David Gunnarsson of DaveArt has revealed Neuvirth’s mask for the competition and the design is eye-popping with some interesting details, including a nod to the netminder’s NHL club and his hometown, Usti nad Labem.

The crown of the mask is big and bold, featuring the Czech Republic flag in full, with the coat of arms scrawled into the red portion of the flag. The front blue panel is the only section of the flag without a design, as the white segment has a sketched design that shows off Strekov Castle, one of the most notable landmarks from Neuvirth’s home. Take a closer look: Read more

Maple Leafs’ Bibeau pays tribute to ‘The Cat’ with awesome Potvin mask

Jared Clinton
(via Sylvie Poitras/Airbrush Zap)

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ 100th anniversary celebration will include an outdoor game, dubbed the Centennial Classic, the re-raising of banners, additions to legends row and the debut of brand new uniforms that pay tribute to the team’s past. There will be one more piece of history brought back if goaltender Antoine Bibeau gets a shot between the pipes for the big club, though.

Bibeau, 22, is set to debut a brand new mask for the upcoming season, and the beautiful lid pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Maple Leafs by honoring Felix Potvin, one of the most beloved goaltenders in the history of the franchise. It isn’t just an homage to Potvin’s mask with a few design flares or touches, though. Instead, the mask has been designed to look like a modern-day version of the look Potvin rocked during his days as a Maple Leaf.

The mask features the cat eyes on top and the teeth along the bottom of the cage, but Airbrush Zap’s Sylvie Poitras, the mask designer, threw in some additional images along the right and left panels, as well as the back plate of the helmet. Take a look: Read more

Ben Bishop updates his Tron-style design for awesome Team USA mask

Jared Clinton
Ben Bishop's Team USA mask (via Ben Bishop/Twitter)

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop’s mask is one of the most unique in the NHL. Using a technology called GLOW Tech FX, Bishop’s mask is as eye-popping as any in the league, lighting up when the arena goes dark and showing off the mask’s design.

Bishop’s mask was designed by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, and the idea behind the original mask was to make the design pop like the neon trail left behind by the motorcycle-style vehicles from the Tron series. The original mask design was a hit and looks absolutely awesome, with the designs looking as good in a bright area as it does in the dark.

So with the World Cup of Hockey on the horizon, Bishop and Gunnarsson decided to team up again. And using the idea that if a design isn’t broke, there’s no reason to fix it, Gunnarsson produced a Tron-style Team USA mask for Bishop that makes use of GLOW Tech FX to perfection once again. Check it out: Read more

John Gibson’s classic Donkey Kong-inspired mask is awesome

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson has a love for classic video games, and while other netminders put art from bands, movies or music on their helmets, Gibson has made his lid a place to show off his love for old school video games.

On his masks, Gibson has already paid tribute to the likes of Pac-Man, Duck Hunter and Space Invaders, but he had an idea for a new mask. This time, he’s paying tribute to the original Donkey Kong, which gamers may recall was also one of the very first appearances of Super Mario, the iconic Nintendo character and mascot. Check it out: Read more

Here’s Richard! Canucks netminder Bachman’s new mask honors ‘The Shining’

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

When you think of Canucks third-string netminder Richard Bachman, it’s unlikely any connection is made to author Stephen King. There’s a fact Bachman is well aware of, however, and it’s that his name, Richard Bachman, has been used by King as a pen name.

In fact, Over the past 40 years, King, under the Bachman pseudonym, has released seven novels, the most recent of which was 2007’s The Blaze. And while King hasn’t delivered any of his most recognizable novels under the cover of his nom de plume, he is somewhat responsible for one of the best horror movie masks we’ve seen in some time with Bachman’s tribute to King’s novel-turned-film ‘The Shining.’ Check it out: Read more