Ben Bishop updates his Tron-style design for awesome Team USA mask

Jared Clinton
Ben Bishop's Team USA mask (via Ben Bishop/Twitter)

Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Ben Bishop’s mask is one of the most unique in the NHL. Using a technology called GLOW Tech FX, Bishop’s mask is as eye-popping as any in the league, lighting up when the arena goes dark and showing off the mask’s design.

Bishop’s mask was designed by DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, and the idea behind the original mask was to make the design pop like the neon trail left behind by the motorcycle-style vehicles from the Tron series. The original mask design was a hit and looks absolutely awesome, with the designs looking as good in a bright area as it does in the dark.

So with the World Cup of Hockey on the horizon, Bishop and Gunnarsson decided to team up again. And using the idea that if a design isn’t broke, there’s no reason to fix it, Gunnarsson produced a Tron-style Team USA mask for Bishop that makes use of GLOW Tech FX to perfection once again. Check it out: Read more

John Gibson’s classic Donkey Kong-inspired mask is awesome

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson has a love for classic video games, and while other netminders put art from bands, movies or music on their helmets, Gibson has made his lid a place to show off his love for old school video games.

On his masks, Gibson has already paid tribute to the likes of Pac-Man, Duck Hunter and Space Invaders, but he had an idea for a new mask. This time, he’s paying tribute to the original Donkey Kong, which gamers may recall was also one of the very first appearances of Super Mario, the iconic Nintendo character and mascot. Check it out: Read more

Here’s Richard! Canucks netminder Bachman’s new mask honors ‘The Shining’

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

When you think of Canucks third-string netminder Richard Bachman, it’s unlikely any connection is made to author Stephen King. There’s a fact Bachman is well aware of, however, and it’s that his name, Richard Bachman, has been used by King as a pen name.

In fact, Over the past 40 years, King, under the Bachman pseudonym, has released seven novels, the most recent of which was 2007’s The Blaze. And while King hasn’t delivered any of his most recognizable novels under the cover of his nom de plume, he is somewhat responsible for one of the best horror movie masks we’ve seen in some time with Bachman’s tribute to King’s novel-turned-film ‘The Shining.’ Check it out: Read more

Robin Lehner debuts unique new mask designed to look like a sketch

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt/Facebook)

If you’ve seen Buffalo Sabres goaltender Robin Lehner play lately, something about his new look probably stands out.

For the past three games, Lehner has been wearing a brand new mask. And while some goaltenders have their helmets stick out from the crowd with bright, eye-popping colors, wild designs or matte finishes, Lehner’s mask is catching eyes because it looks like he brought it into game action before it was even finished.

The mask, which was designed by David Gunnarsson of DaveArt, is a tribute to his Lehner’s favorite band, In Flames, and stands out because it’s devoid of any color and drawn entirely with a sketch pen. Take a look: Read more

Corey Crawford goes with clean, snow-covered design for Stadium Series mask

Jared Clinton
Corey Crawford's Stadium Series mask (via Stephane Bergeron/Facebook)

Goaltenders are no strangers to changing up their mask design. With the start of almost every season usually comes several design changes for netminders around the league, and Chicago netminder Corey Crawford has switched up his mask a few times over his past six seasons with the Blackhawks.

But beyond his normal designs, Crawford has also had masks designed for several special occasions, and this season will mark the third time Crawford has had a new mask made for an outdoor game. You would figure at some point the 31-year-old would run out of ideas, but he keeps churning out new designs for the specialty games, though this season’s mask may be his simplest to date.

For the Stadium Series game against the Minnesota Wild, which takes place at Minneapolis’ TCF Bank Stadium on Feb. 21, Crawford will be rocking a simple but sleek mask with a symmetrical design. The mask matches the simple but classic striping pattern of the Blackhawks’ Stadium Series jerseys. Take a look: Read more

Devils’ Schneider, Kinkaid unveil throwback masks for retro night

Jared Clinton
Cory Schneider's 'Retro Night' mask (via New Jersey Devils/YouTube)

Before either Cory Schneider or Keith Kinkaid were playing competitive hockey, the New Jersey Devils had moved away from the white, green and red jerseys that they wore when the club first took the ice. That doesn’t mean the Devils netminders can’t find a slick way to pay tribute to those who wore those threads, though.

The Devils are set to host two retro nights over the next five weeks where the club will wear an updated version of their old jerseys, and Schneider and Kinkaid are set to take the ice in matching garb. Their masks are no exception.

Thanks to DaveArt’s David Gunnarsson, both goaltenders will have brand new masks for the occasion. Schneider chose to go with a team retrospective — his mask features some of the mainstays of the late-1980s and early-1990s Devils — while Kinkaid is honoring arguably the greatest goaltender in league history: Read more

Do you smell what LaBarbera’s cooking? Goaltender’s new mask honors ‘The Rock’

Jared Clinton
(via DaveArt)

Jason LaBarbera has yet step between the pipes for the Flyers this season, but if he does, he’ll be bringing the most electrifying mask in hockey history to the ice. LaBarbera’s new lid pays tribute to box-office superstar and professional wrestling legend Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

It’s well known that LaBarbera, 36, is a huge wrestling fan. With that in mind, it makes sense that when getting a new mask for a team that plays in the city famous for Rocky Balboa the veteran netminder would mix his love of the squared circle with another famous Rocky.

LaBarbera’s mask, which was designed by DaveArt’s Dave Gunnarsson, doesn’t show off too much of The Rock’s in-ring work, but it does feature the 10-time world champion posing for the camera. The entire left panel is dedicated to The Rock, with the right side featuring the Flyers logo sprawling into the cage: Read more