Wild’s Jason Zucker narrowly avoids having his throat cut by skate blade

Adam Proteau
Jason Zucker (Juan Ocampo/NHLI via Getty Images)

The NHL has finally put to rest its debate about visors, but as we all know, there are still potentially life-threatening risks associated with playing hockey. Minnesota Wild left winger Jason Zucker got a scare in that regard Sunday when he narrowly avoided serious injury after L.A. Kings left winger Kyle Clifford accidentally kicked him in the face and had his skate blade graze Zucker’s throat.

Zucker tripped Clifford during L.A.’s 2-1 win over the Wild, but as Clifford fell, his right leg kicked behind him and struck Zucker around the head and neck with his skate blade: Read more

John Moore’s dirty hit on Dale Weise may prove to be the turning point in Montreal’s favor against Rangers

Dale Weise

John Moore’s vicious blindside hit on Canadiens winger Dale Weise halfway through the third period of Game 5 between New York and Montreal may not only be what gets the Rangers defenseman suspended. It may also be the rallying point for the Habs in the Eastern Conference final, which now heads back to Manhattan for Game Six after the Blueshirts fell 7-4 to Montreal.

Moore blindsided Weise on a late hit that knocked the Habs’ winger loopy – and knocked the helmet off his head, which Moore was clearly targeting – and forced him to the league’s “quiet” room. Weise’s first instinct, other than trying to regain his bearings, was to go after Moore, but Canadiens teammate P.K. Subban wisely guided Weise away and allowed Moore’s act to speak for itself. And boy, does it ever.

It says “suspend me”. It says “this series wasn’t nasty enough yet, so let’s take out one of Montreal’s most important foot soldiers and see if that doesn’t get the Canadiens hating the Rangers as much as they hate the Bruins”. Read more

Canadiens’ Josh Gorges scores the goal no NHLer wants to: the goal against his own team

Josh Gorges

The Montreal Canadiens were feeling good in the second period of Game 5 of their third-round series against the New York Rangers. They were up 4-1 and threatened to make it 5-1 while chasing starter Henrik Lundqvist from the net. But then, as is wont to happen in the playoffs, a crazy bounce led to a shift in energy: in this case, the Rangers got one when Habs defenseman Josh Gorges scored on his own net.

Rangers star winger Rick Nash began the bizarre play by firing the puck toward Canadiens goalie Dustin Tokarski from along the boards near Montreal’s goal line. Gorges was the only player in front of the net, but his stick perfectly deflected the puck through Tokarski’s legs.

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NHL playoffs heating up with multiple below-the-belt “slashes”

Corey Perry (Debora Robinson/NHLI via Getty Images)

The NHL playoffs are famous for their increased physicality, but we’re only three days into the 2014 post-season and the nastiness is already starting to boil over. On Friday night alone, NHLers Jamie Benn and Danny Dekeyser found that out the hard way when both were speared in the groin area by Corey Perry and Milan Lucic respectively.

Lucic attacked the Red Wings defenseman from behind in Detroit’s 1-0 Game One first round win over Boston, jamming his stick into Dekeyser’s lower mid-section. No penalty was called on the play.

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