If Sabres are tanking, who could blame them?

Jack Eichel (left) and Connor McDavid  (ALEXANDER NEMENOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Most would have to acknowledge, the optics of it don’t look great. After pulling off a blockbuster eight player trade Wednesday morning, Buffalo Sabres GM Tim Murray traded a bona fide No. 1 goaltender (Jhonas Enroth) who had compiled a .939 save percentage in his previous two games for a backup who is statistically one of the worst goaltenders at the NHL level (Anders Lindback) and a conditional third-round pick.

The move led a lot of observers to opine that the Sabres, already four points in arrears of the Edmonton Oilers for 30th place overall, were tanking the season in an attempt to get the best possible shot at the first pick overall and the coveted Connor McDavid. One tweet yesterday said jokingly that Murray had seen his team almost win a game Tuesday night against Ottawa and decided something had to be done. Read more

Stars captain Jamie Benn does right thing, apologizes for slighting Sedin twins

Adam Proteau
Jamie Benn (Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images)

When Stars forwards Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin went on a Dallas sports radio station and participated in a highly-disparaging conversation about Canucks stars Daniel and Henrik Sedin, they were the co-culprits behind a smear job on two players who’ve done nothing to deserve it. But to the credit of Benn and the Stars organization, both made efforts Wednesday to rectify that error in judgment: Dallas’ captain reached out to apologize to the twin brothers, and the team made clear the respect they have for the veteran stars.

Of course, that didn’t stop many Stars fans from reflexively leaping up to defend their hometown heroes when Seguin and Benn were called to account for that error. That’s to be expected. That’s what a large percentage of every fan base instinctively does. In this particular case, they argued that, because Benn and Seguin didn’t come out and explicitly accuse the Sedins of a perverse or bizarre fraternal relationship – and, in an even more specious argument, because people had called them “creepy” before in far different contexts – it absolved them of being responsible for implying that something wasn’t right with the brothers as human beings. (audio via TSN Radio Vancouver)

The fatal flaw with those theories: they ignore the lead-in discussion, which centered around what happened with NHLers in hotel rooms on the road. When Benn gets the ball rolling by saying, “who knows what else (the Sedins) do together?”, are people trying to argue he was suggesting the Sedins were playing with toy trains, like the Hanson Brothers? Please. Read more

Buffalo Sabres aren’t done dealing, ship Enroth to Stars

Jared Clinton
Jonas Enroth

Hours after the Buffalo Sabres made the biggest trade of the season to acquire Evander Kane from the Winnipeg Jets, the Sabres have traded Jhonas Enroth to the Dallas Stars for Anders Lindback and a conditional 2016 third-round pick.

The goaltender-for-goaltender swap brings some insurance to the Stars net, especially with Dallas starting netminder Kari Lehtonen having a subpar season. Lindback had only seen one start for the Stars since Jan. 15, playing in Dallas’ Feb. 7 meeting with Buffalo, where he allowed three goals on 24 shots in a loss to the Sabres. Read more

The five biggest blockbuster trades in the past five years


Forget unbelievable goals, huge hits and incredible saves. There is nothing that gets the hockey world buzzing like a big trade.

Wednesday morning the Winnipeg Jets and Buffalo Sabres teamed up for one of the biggest trades in recent memory, a blockbuster deal that sent Evander Kane, Zach Bogosian and a prospect to Buffalo in exchange for Tyler Myers, Drew Stafford, two prospects and a draft pick. It was a monster deal that went from a rumor to huge news in the span of hours.

In today’s salary cap world, it’s not the type of trade you see often and that’s why when a mammoth deal goes down it’s nearly enough to shutdown Twitter, if only temporarily. Read more

Suspend him or not: Antoine Roussel cross-checks Adam McQuaid in the neck

Adam Proteau
Antoine Roussel and Adam McQuaid (Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Dallas Stars left winger Antoine Roussel is regarded as one of the NHL’s tougher customers, but when he cross-checked the neck of Bruins defenseman Adam McQuaid Tuesday night, Roussel crossed the line and is likely going to receive a suspension for his actions.

It was early in the first period Tuesday in Boston when the play was moving up the ice from the Dallas zone and McQuaid narrowly missed hitting Roussel with what would have been a big check; McQuaid turns and immediately throws down his gloves, clearly willing to fight. But, rather than reply in kind, Roussel takes his stick and drives it directly into McQuaid’s neck: (video via SomeHockeyVideos) Read more

Henrik Sedin’s answer to Jamie Benn & Tyler Seguin’s inane comments: another reason the Sedins are hockey gems

Adam Proteau
Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin  (Jeff Vinnick/NHLI via Getty Images)

Dallas Stars fowards Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn are two of the more talented hockey players in the world, but they embarrassed their franchise and the NHL Tuesday and owe Vancouver Canucks stars Henrik and Daniel Sedin an apology for untoward remarks made on a Texas radio show.

Benn and Seguin appeared on a Dallas sports talk radio show Tuesday and were discussing NHL players rooming on the road when, for some unexplained and indefensible reason, they decided to make rotten insinuations about the Sedins’ relationship as brothers. (audio via TSN Radio Vancouver)

“Who knows what else (the Sedins) do together,” said Benn, to the snickers of all the alleged adults in the room.

“Seriously,” replied Seguin, momentarily losing all grasp of what the word “seriously” actually means.

“Dude, it’s creepy,” one of the hosts said, “In fact, it’s a good example to future brothers in the NHL on how not to do things.”

I’ve got news for everyone involved with that disgraceful exchange: you should be so lucky to have the Sedin Twins representing your team. The fact you would dare say they’re the example of how two brothers shouldn’t behave in the NHL is a giant flashing sign pointing out your colossal ignorance on the topic. Read more

10 players who retired with teams you wouldn’t expect

Mats Sundin

This season the NHL has had three very different situations play out when it comes to the retirement of notable players. Each of Daniel Alfredsson, Martin Brodeur, and Evgeni Nabokov had called it quits, but each in different ways.

Alfredsson signed a one-day free agent deal with the Senators to retire in the city that he called home for so many years, while Brodeur retired a Blue after signing a deal in St. Louis as a free agent after Brian Elliott went down with an injury.

Then there’s Nabokov. The long-time San Jose Sharks goaltender was traded back to San Jose on Monday following a brief stint with the Tampa Bay Lightning in a move that will allow the 39-year-old to hang them up in the place he had the best years of his career.

Many times, however, players aren’t allowed to ride off into the sunset the way that Alfredsson and Nabokov had. So, like Brodeur, these are 10 players that have retired in cities you wouldn’t expect: Read more