Josh Elliott

Josh Elliott is a stay-at-home web editor for Post-to-Post on weekends and a contributor to The Hockey News magazine. From drafts to contracts to trades, he loves the business of hockey and plays nothing but Dynasty Mode in EA’s NHL video games. He’s a Western Journalism grad, a hockey addict and a closet comic book junkie.

Barry Trotz sheds a single, manly tear following Nashville tribute

Josh Elliott
Barry Trotz in Nashville

Physically speaking, there’s no sturdier-looking coach than Washington bench boss Barry Trotz. The guy’s built like a bomb shelter. But the former Predators coach was clearly shaken up on Friday when his old team paid tribute to his 15-year career with the Nashville franchise.

Fans waved their towels, stood on their feet and applauded while Trotz graciously waved from the Washington Capitals bench during the first TV timeout.
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Look out, Penguins – Kyle Okposo’s New York Islanders have your number

Josh Elliott
New York Islanders' Kyle Okposo

The New York Islanders are done being a punching bag for the Pittsburgh Penguins. After a decade of futility languishing mostly near the bottom of the Metro/Atlantic Division standings, the Islanders can finally meet the Penguins on even footing – and that’s a good thing for hockey.

The Islanders erased one- and two-goal deficits on Friday in their fifth contest of the season against the Penguins – one the Isles won 6-3 on the strength of a four-goal night from Kyle Okposo.

The Isles never went away in the game and weathered a two-goal, three-point night from Sidney Crosby to keep their lead over Pittsburgh for top spot in the Metropolitan Division.

That’s a sentence you wouldn’t expect to read last year.
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Brad Marchand’s second slew-foot earns him a two-game suspension

Josh Elliott
Brad Marchand

He may not officially count as a repeat offender under NHL rules, but Brad Marchand was punished for the second slew-footing incident of his career on Friday with a two-game suspension by the league.

Marchand will sit for two games after he slew-footed the New York Rangers’ Derick Brassard on Thursday.

That’s less than half the five-game punishment Marchand received on Jan. 9, 2012 for a clipping incident involving Sami Salo, but more than the $2,500 fine he paid for slew-footing Matt Niskanen in December of 2011.
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Typical. L.A. Kings trail all game, then stage an amazing comeback

Josh Elliott
L.A. Kings Jarret Stoll and Alec Martinez

You could almost feel it coming. The Los Angeles Kings were heavily outshooting the Vancouver Canucks but trailing 2-1 late in the third period. If the defending Stanley Cup champions were going to pull off a win, something had to happen soon.

And it did, as it has so many times before.

The Kings scored two goals in the last 2:07 of the game (and 53 seconds apart) to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, dropping the Canucks 3-2 in Vancouver.
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Don’t make Toews frown – Blackhawks captain stars in ’80s-inspired exercise video

Josh Elliott
Chicago Blackhawks exercise video

The Chicago Blackhawks really want you “exercise” your right to vote for them in the All-Star Game, so they made a vintage ‘80s video to try and convince you.

The video features a song praising captain Jonathan Toews as he poses for the camera in vintage 1980s workout gear. Toews is wearing a headband, wristbands, high socks and short-shorts, classic ‘80s style.

“Vote for him – don’t make him frown!” says the voiceover, as Toews’ winning smile gets turned upside down before our very eyes. “You’ve got to exercise your right to vote. It’s the American way!”

The video also shows clips of Toews scoring, fist-pumping, chucking his gloves (repeatedly) and generally being good at hockey.
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Top five teams who like to trade in first-round picks

Patrik Berglund, T.J. Oshie and Vladimir Tarasenko

With the holiday trade freeze upon us and the sprint to the trade deadline around the corner, some teams may be thinking about dealing a first-round pick to improve their chances in the new year.

First-round picks are precious currency of the salary-capped NHL. They often produce cheap, controllable young talent to complement high-priced veterans, and they’re also the most consistently valuable trading chip every team has available.

Since the 2004-05 lockout, many teams have built their rosters by wheeling and dealing in first-round picks. Sometimes a first-rounder helps seal the deal on a big-time player trade. Other times it’s compensation for a team selling off its vets at the trade deadline. And when the draft arrives in June, certain general managers love moving up or down in the first round with the help of an additional pick to sweeten the change in order.
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Jannik Hansen ‘checked out’ OK after scary collapse on the bench

Josh Elliott
Jannik Hansen

A frightening thing happened on the Vancouver Canucks’ bench Saturday night, when forward Jannik Hansen collapsed after taking a hit during the second period against the Calgary Flames.

Hansen slumped over on the bench immediately after leaving the ice. His teammates rushed to his aid and signaled for help.

He left the bench under his own power and was taken to hospital for further evaluation.
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Does the NHL discipline Willie Mitchell for hitting Kris Letang with a helmet?

Josh Elliott
Florida Panthers Willie Mitchell

Tough NHLers like Willie Mitchell know how to solve their problems with their fists. So why did he grab Kris Letang‘s helmet and start hitting him with it on Saturday?

The incident happened late in the first period of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ 3-1 win over Florida.

Mitchell grabbed Letang’s helmet off his head and smacked him with it as referees tried to separate the two in a melee near the Panthers net.
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