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Brian Costello joined The Hockey News in 1990 when the likes of Bruce Boudreau, Randy Carlyle and Joel Quenneville were players, not coaches. Costello covered major junior hockey for five seasons before getting called up to THN. He likes to focus his attention on pre- and post-NHL careers, following closely the progress of the draft, up-and-coming prospects and fancying himself a Hall of Fame expert.

Five reasons why Sam Bennett should stay in the NHL; five reasons why he should go back to junior

Brian Costello
Sam Bennett

Sam Bennett has been Calgary’s best player in the two NHL pre-season games he’s played. Despite that, the fourth overall pick in the 2014 draft is likely headed back to the Ontario League’s Kingston Frontenacs for the bulk of the season.

Here are five reasons why he should stick with the Flames as an 18-year-old and five reasons why he’s destined to go back.

Stay. He’s quick enough and skilled enough to make an impact. In the two pre-season games – both losses to Vancouver – Bennett dazzled with his speed, moves, and creativity and assisted on Calgary’s lone goal. He generated nine shots and was pretty much the team’s lone reliable scoring threat in the two games.

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Draft lottery changes reduce incentive to tank for supreme talent

Brian Costello
Erie Otters v Guelph Storm

The NHL is making changes to its draft lottery ostensibly to discourage teams from tanking in order to get a higher pick. What that means for the 2015 draft is the team finishing 30th now has just a 20 percent chance of winning the lottery and getting first overall pick. That’s down from 25 percent the past two drafts and down from 48.3 percent since the creation of the draft lottery in 1995.

What’s more, starting with the 2016 draft, the league will now have a lottery to determine the top three picks in the draft, not just the top pick. In past years, if the 30th-place team didn’t win the lottery, it slipped just one spot to second pick. Starting next year, the 30th-place team could conceivably slip to fourth pick if its number doesn’t come up during the draws for the first three picks.

Here are some other new facets of the adjusted lottery odds.

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So how good is Kevin Hayes really? He signs today with the New York Rangers

Brian Costello
Kevin Hayes (Photo by Richard T Gagnon/Getty Images)

Right winger Kevin Hayes has bid adieu to one of the league’s strongest franchise and signed instead with the New York Rangers. The deal is a two-way contract, as per CBA guidelines for entry-level contracts, and is expected to be worth the rookie maximum salary if he makes the NHL.

The Modus operandi was all about getting to the NHL sooner for the Boston-area native. The Hayes watch has been on high alert since the NCAA graduate rebuffed the Chicago Blackhawks and became a free agent Aug. 15. Social media has been abuzz this week speculating where Hayes may sign. At one point today, the Kevin Hayes Wikipedia page showed him a member of the Colorado Avalanche. The next minute he was a Ranger. Then he was a free agent again as rational heads prevailed leading up to his announcement.

Some wondered, tongue in cheek, if his Hall of Fame announcement would precede his NHL destination of choice.

So how good is this Kevin Hayes?

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Which Maple Leaf legend gets a piece of granite next to Teeder Kennedy?

Brian Costello
Teeder 2

The likeness of Teeder Kennedy will be the first Toronto Maple Leafs legend coming off the granite bench, but who’s next?

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment announced the touchstone team monument project ‘Legend’s Row’ this week saying two other players will have their likenesses join Kennedy this season and up to 10 or 11 total by the time the NHL team celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2017. The statues will be on or coming off a 30-foot granite player bench just outside the Air Canada Centre.

If the Maple Leafs were going to select and announce statues of the honored Maple Leafs starting from the head of the class, it would unfold in an order close to how THN’s The Top 100 Players of All-Time established it in 1997. An esteemed panel of 50 hockey historians and experts determined that order. Here is where players most associated with the Maple Leafs ranked on that list.

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The Kevin Hayes sweepstakes are about to heat up

Brian Costello
)Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images Sport)

If Kevin Hayes doesn’t sign with Chicago by Aug. 15, he’ll be this summer’s version of Justin Schultz and become a UFA.

A first-round pick of the Blackhawks in 2010, Hayes is a playmaking power forward who had a terrific senior season at Boston College with 27 goals and 65 points in 40 games. He’s not keen to sign with Chicago because the Blackhawks are so deep on the right wing, both at the NHL level and in terms of prospects. He’ll surely get a rookie max deal regardless.

Hayes, 22, probably has a short list of three teams:

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The All-Squeeze Team: NHL players who signed for less cash in 2014-15

Brian Costello
Minnesota Wild v Detroit Red Wings

Maybe it’s just my imagination, but there were more and more contract announcements this summer that resulted in the free agent signing for less money than he made last season.

Almost 50 players by my count, but probably a few more if you move into the fringe zone of NHL rosters. In most cases, these bargain contracts went to veterans hanging on for another season in the best league in the world, or to players coming off poor years having to agree to redemption contracts.

While most free agents signing new deals this summer received substantial raises, the number of players on squeeze contracts is anecdotally higher as well.

For every few players getting a P.K. Subban-like 313 percent pay hike (from $2.875 million to $9 million), there was a player like Brad Richards seeing his stipend whacked 70 percent (from $6.67 million to $2 million.) Even the astronomical – and absurd – 512 percent pay increases like the one fringe defenseman Deryk Engelland got from Calgary (from $566,667 to $2.9 million) were offset by the 86.67 percent drops like the one Dany Heatley got in Anaheim (from $7.5 million to $1 million).

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Remembering the season the Capitals begged the NHL for help

Brian Costello
short cover

Machismo and bravado being what they are, there’s no way you’d see this headline in today’s NHL, no matter how poorly the Buffalo Sabres or Edmonton Oilers started a season.

Washington Begs For Player Help

That was the main headline in The Hockey News 40 years ago, early in the 1974-75 season. The expansion Washington Capitals and Kansas City Scouts were both struggling. With just one win in Washington’s first 18 games, Capitals GM Milt Schmidt went to the league and media with hat in hand.

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Hall Monitor: Does Luongo’s trajectory have him making it?

Brian Costello
Columbus Blue Jackets v Florida Panthers

First things first, in the interests of full disclosure, I want to mention a little bet I have regarding Roberto Luongo.

Early in Luongo’s tenure with the Vancouver Canucks, I wagered with THN managing editor Edward Fraser that Luongo would at some point in his career win a Stanley Cup. Fraser didn’t like the cut of Luongo’s jib and took the career disappointment side.

When Luongo was among the top two or three goalies in the game and the Canucks were a powerhouse, the bet was looking good in my favor. But now…forget it. He ain’t winning the Cup. No biggie. The bet was for ice cream and Fraser is now a vegan so it’s a painless loss.

But is Luongo’s career on a trajectory that will lead him to the Hall of Fame? That’s a tricky one.

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