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Campbell's Cuts: Big E ready to hang 'em up

Eric Lindros will retire from the NHL this fall.

The only question concerns when he will make a formal announcement.

It could come anytime after the players wrap up their meetings Friday, but there is absolutely no doubt that Lindros will end one of the most controversial careers in NHL history very soon. It's likely Lindros will be involved in a management position with the NHL Players' Association.

Lindros would not address the issue, saying the meetings should be the only focus for everyone involved. But he did say, "I'm pretty happy with Thursday nights in Forest Hill."

That's the Toronto neighborhood in which Lindros lives and is where he is expected to settle after he retires.

NET TRUTH You have to give Dallas Stars goalie Marty Turco credit for being honest. When asked whether the players should be embarrassed by the way things have evolved with the NHL Players' Association since the lockout, Turco had this to say:

"I don't personally feel it was embarrassing at all. Stuff happened where we were misinformed and we weren't involved enough and we're to blame. So, yeah, maybe it was embarrassing now that I think about it."

TITLE WAVE: How's this for a conundrum? Ticket sales for the Super Series have not exactly been brisk in Canada – even though the games in Russia are apparently sold out – and the team is not helping by being so dominant in the series.

What the organizers in Canada need is for the Canadian team to get its lunch handed to it in the next game of the series Friday. But as has been the case over the past couple of years at the world junior level, this team is just too good and too well coached to be defeated.

What was supposed to be a competitive Russian team might not even manage to win a game if the Canadians continue to play the way they did in the final 50 minutes of Game 1 and all of Game 2.

With three straight World Junior Championship titles to its credit, Canada is really beginning to take the intrigue out of international junior hockey. And what's more, there doesn't appear to be anyone poised to knock Canada off its perch in the near future.

MORE MO' If we're going to criticize here at THN, we should also give kudos where they are deserved. If there are any profits from the Super Series games in Canada, they will be split evenly by Hockey Canada and the Canadian Hockey League, which will deposit the money directly into the scholarship fund.

So my question to CHL president Dave Branch was: Does that profits from the Super Series augment the contribution from junior hockey owners or replace their contributions.

Branch assured me recently that they would indeed augment the owner contributions, which means there will be more money – albeit likely a small amount – available to players who graduate from junior hockey and go on to post-secondary education.

Good call by them.

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