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This Week in The Hockey News magazine: 2014-15 Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide

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Want to do well on your office hockey pool? THN's Ultimate Fantasy Pool Guide gets you started with point projections and insights for more than 600 players. We also offer additional specialized stats breakdowns by category to keep you ahead of your competition.

In the issue you'll find:

- why advanced stats are soon to be the next big thing in pools

- a Q&A with in-house fantasy expert Matt Larkin

- who are the NHL's best "third wheels"

- the 12 rookies who will have the biggest impact on your fantasy team

- the booms, busts and sleepers who will make the difference between winning and losing your league

- the 10 pending UFAs primed to have a big season in their contract year

- our keeper league rankings at each position

- our first "ask the expert" feature, where we ask Jeff O'Neill, Jamie McLennan, Matthew Barnaby, Mike Johnson, P.J. Stock & Kevin Weekes what they think of the upcoming season

- the team-by-team guide with projections for each player expected for have 10 or more points, depth charts, the top 10 prospects and the outlook for the year

- top to bottom statistics from the 2013-14 season

- and much, much more.

Pick up a copy at your local newsstand, buy it from the THN store or digitally through Zinio. The issue is also available in French.



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