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This Week in The Hockey News magazine: Season Preview 2013-14

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This Week in The Hockey News: Season Preview 2013-14

Pick up a copy at your local newsstand, buy it from the THN store, digitally, or subscribe at thehockeynews.com today!

- It’s our Season Preview edition, a bigger, bonus-sized book with full-page forecasts of every NHL team

- Full power rankings by position: how each one of the 30 teams stack up to one another.

- Why this NHL season will be wildly unpredictable.

- Our guesses for this season’s major award winners.

- Players to look out for who are entering their fourth campaign – the breakout year.

- Can the Hawks build a dynasty in the cap era? Adam Proteau thinks so

- Bernier Boom: Ken Campbell wonders if Jonathan Bernier will seize the starter’s role and push Toronto over the top?

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