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Astronaut Chris Hadfield gets panned after supporting Leafs from space station

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows his colours in photo posted on Twitter on Jan. 6, 2013. \

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Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield shows his colours in photo posted on Twitter on Jan. 6, 2013. \"With the lockout finally ending and a 50-game NHL season about to begin, I am ready to cheer from orbit. Go Leafs!,\" noted Hadfield. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Hadfield, NASA, via Twitter

MONTREAL - Orbiting Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield may have lost a few fans after tweeting a picture of himself holding a Toronto Maple Leafs plaque.

Commenting on the end of the NHL lockout, Hadfield tweeted from the International Space Station on Sunday he was ready to cheer for the Leafs from orbit.

Professing his support for Toronto did not sit well with a number of hockey fans.

Former Montreal La Presse sports reporter Jean-Francois Begin jokingly warned Hadfield to be careful next time he flies over Montreal.

Hadfield is on a five-month visit to the space station and will become the first Canadian to take command of the giant orbiting laboratory in March.

Former Canadian astronaut Marc Garneau also got into the act. The Liberal MP tweeted Hadfield that he couldn't let his support for the Leafs pass without declaring: "Go Habs Go!''

Mike Lake, an Alberta Tory MP and Edmonton Oilers fan, reminded the 53-year-old astronaut that man reaching the moon (1969) is more recent than the Leafs last winning the Cup (1967).

Lake suggested that Hadfield might get to Mars before they win again.

Canadian actress Keegan Connor Tracy, who has starred in a number of TV series, said Hadfield is proof the disappointment of being a Leafs fan now extends all the way into outer space.

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