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Twitter picture of Kane holding stacks of cash stirs social media hornets' nest

Winnipeg Jets Evander Kane is shown in a photo posted to his Twitter account (@EKane9JETS). THE CANADIAN PRESS/Twitter

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Winnipeg Jets Evander Kane is shown in a photo posted to his Twitter account (@EKane9JETS). THE CANADIAN PRESS/Twitter

Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane has stirred a hornets' nest on social media after posting a photograph of himself with wads of cash.

The photo, taken on a Las Vegas rooftop, shows Kane pretending to use the money as a phone to call boxer Floyd Mayweather. It was posted early Wednesday morning on his @EKane9JETS Twitter account.

The fact that Kane is causally showing off thousands of dollars in the picture raised the ire of some Twitter users, who pointed out it was disrespectful to those who have been economically affected by the NHL lockout.

"Would be a good idea to delete the tweet with you and the cash. Some folks can't pay their bills because you guys aren't playing," former Winnipeg Blue Bombers' kicker Troy Westwood posted on Twitter.

Some of the replies were less cordial.

"I wonder how many ppl can't pay bills because you guys still think you're not getting a sweet enough deal? #pathetic," posted one fan.

"Take your millions of dollars and shove it," read another angry tweet.

Some took a more humorous view of the situation.

"Evander Kane could buy the Coyotes with that," said one post, referring to the financially struggling team in Phoenix.

Others were more tolerant.

"Am I the only one who thinks that @ekane9jets did nothing wrong. He has money deal with it people. I thought it was funny," wrote one fan.

Kane told the Winnipeg Free Press that the picture was taken in November and he posted it "as a joke." He said it has nothing to do with the current NHL lockout.

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