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Looking Sharp

Kyran Griffiths, Montreal, Que.

With all the talk surrounding the Art Ross Trophy race between Sidney Crosby and the red-hot Steven Stamkos, many people are overlooking the performance of another Canadian forward in the Windy City.

Patrick Sharp currently sits fourth in goals with 16 and seventh in points with 29; pretty strong numbers for any top-six NHL forward.

But let's not forget that the undersized Sharp is now entering his prime at 28 and is one of the league's most complete players.

Sharp is strong at both ends of the ice and can play at center or as a winger and his value to the Blackhawks is unquestionable.

So how is it that we are just more than a quarter of the way through the season and no one is talking about a castoff from the Flyers organization who is posting better numbers than a couple of guys named Kane and Toews?

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