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What really makes a HHoF Builder?

Steve Sherman, Munich, Germany

In the Nov. 1 issue, Ken Campbell attempts to make a case for Les Costello as a Hall of Fame candidate in the Builders category.

It is beyond dispute that Costello used the game of hockey for some commendable charitable work, but his parish has closed down and his team doesn't play any more, so it is hard to see that he has built anything that lasted.

He also is quoted (approvingly) as telling bigoted, off-color jokes about Orangemen and other Protestants. Worthy of the Hall of Fame? Hardly.

In the Nov. 15 issue, on the other hand, James Shea tells us about the efforts, now on the verge of fruition, of Robert Bourdeau to establish the Canadian International Hockey Academy. That is what I call a Builder.

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