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Time for Golisano to move on

Christopher Ventura, Tonawanda, N.Y.

First, I'd like to thank Tom Golisano for saving the Buffalo Sabres franchise out of bankruptcy after the disastrous ownership by the Rigas family. He brought the Sabres back to respectability and finally brought back the original jerseys!

However, any real Sabres fan knows that Golisano lost interest in the ownership of the team when he lost his bid to run for Governor of N.Y.

He quickly packed his bags and moved down to Florida, turning over day-to-day duties and a small stake of ownership to the despicable Larry Quinn.

Quinn is a rich leach who attaches himself to much richer leaches and sucks the life out of whatever he touches. He was the man the Rigas' brought in and he ruined the franchise and then he jumps to Golisano and look what happens.

And don't even get people started on his incredibly idiotic ideas that never go anywhere for the Buffalo waterfront.

Quinn was Golisano's kiss of death to keeping the Sabres respectable.

So, Tom, please, if Terry Pegula wants to buy the Sabres, sell them. He loves hockey and his wife is from Buffalo.

And Terry, please get rid of Larry Quinn so Sabres fans can rest easy knowing that he won't suck the life from the franchise anymore.

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