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Clean hits shouldn't necessitate fights

Josh Barr, Flin Flon, Man.

There really needs to be harsher penalties given out to players who fight after hits.

Whether it be delay of game or unsportsmanlike or whatever, something needs to done.

I’ll use Willie Mitchell's infamous hit on Jonathan Toews for an example. The kid got laid out because he didn't have his head up; he even said so himself. The hit resulted in a 2-on-0 turnover, but, oh no, the play is whistled down because the entire Chicago team goes and jumps Mitchell for hitting their superstar.

And the worst part is, the player who delivers the hit ends up in the box because he has absolutely no choice but to fight since there's often two or more players skating after him.

It's garbage.

If the hit was dirty or cheap, the league deals with it. We don't need players policing the game themselves because all it does is ruin the flow.

These are some big boys and they can handle themselves.

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