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What's a goalie worth?

Rick Mutton, Port Perry, Ont.

Goaltender salaries are looking interesting. Based on the salaries from the THN depth charts and the standings as Nov. 23, here are some interesting stats:

The average team goalie salary of the top three teams in each conference is $2.408 million. The average team goalie salary of the bottom three ranked teams in each conference is $5.947 million.

The teams ranked No. 1-4 in each conference have eight of the top 10 lowest goalie team payrolls. Of the 10 teams with the lowest team goalie payrolls, only Atlanta is not in a playoff spot currently.

Of the 10 teams with the highest team goalie payrolls, only the Rangers (sixth in the conference) and Boston (seventh in the conference) are currently in a playoff position currently.

It doesn't look great for UFA goalies like J-S Giguere for next year. Nor for teams like the Islanders who have a huge millstone around their neck.

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