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Ottawa 67's always competitive

Alex MacDonald, Halifax, N.S.

I was reading the Nov. 22 edition of The Hockey News and a brief article caught my attention: Andrew Goyens' "Greatness Gutted" talking about CHL teams going from great to bad.

He has a strong point, but I would like to point out an exception. There could be more, but since I grew up in Ottawa I'm quite familiar with the 67's. They have not missed the playoffs since the 1994-1995 season and they have not been pushovers, either, during that time, winning a Memorial Cup (1999) and reaching the the Memorial Cup on two other occasions (2001 and 2005).

In fact, in one year they declined a first round bye! Since their inception in 1967-1968, they have only missed the playoffs four times.

Maybe it was Brian Kilrea or maybe there's something in the water in Ottawa.

P.S. bring back the tri-color striped jerseys!

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