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Who is Canada's great net hope?

Tyler Moyes, Cambridge, Ont.

I was just reading Jason Kay's Editor’s Notebook from the Nov. 22 edition regarding the decline of Canadian goaltenders.

It's funny that this subject was brought up as I was just having this same discussion with some friends. I think the situation is a little more dire than Mr. Kay realizes.

As a nation who will settle for nothing less than gold in Olympic competition, who do we turn to if Roberto Luongo isn't up to the task in Sochi? And beyond that, who can we count on in 2018? Marc-Andre Fleury seems to lead the next group of Canadian netminders, but he doesn't fill me with the same confidence I had in Martin Brodeur in 2002 or Luongo in 2010.

Can Carey Price become the star many thought he would be? Can Steve Mason return to rookie form? Can Cam Ward be better than "Mr. .500?" Or will a new golden boy emerge from the shadows to protect Canada's net?

I guess we just have to wait and see.

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