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Refs need help

Kevin Cave, Victoria, B.C.

In the wake of the coaches challenge being shot down by the GMs and after Nov. 9’s 7-1 loss by the Oilers at the hands of the Canes, I can't help but wonder if anyone really cares about getting it right.

The Oilers played an abysmal game, there's no question, but after being down 1-0 30 seconds into the game, Andrew Cogliano got a high stick to the mouth that should've put the Oilers on a four-minute power play and likely put some momentum in their corner.

Instead the Oil take a minor tripping call, which led to Carolina going ahead 2-0 just more than one minute into the game and the blue and copper were essentially done at that point.

How the official, standing six feet away, missed that call is beyond me, but what's even more unbelievable is that there are still people running the show that think this is an acceptable part of the human-error factor in the game.

Maybe it will take the Stanley Cup being accidentally awarded to the losing team due to a referee error to realize that this much human error isn't acceptable to any fan.

If they don't want the challenges to be part of the game, fine, but maybe they should take a different cue from the NFL and let all four officials call penalties.

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