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LaFontaine belongs on Top 100

Cindy Decario, Burnaby, B.C.

When I picked up my copy of THN's Top 100 Players of All-Time by Position I was appalled to see Pat LaFontaine was not on the list.

How could one of the games most exciting players not be? Just look at his stats: seven 40-plus goal seasons and two more seasons of at least 30 goals.

He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame and was also a key member of the 1996 U.S. team that won the World Cup. As well, he was part of the Sabres dynamic duo (with Alex Mogilny) that tore up the league when Mogilny scored 76 goals.

LaFontaine also scored big goals at key times. Does the winner in the Eastern classic versus Washington ring a bell? Pat isn't on the list, yet Cam Neely and Pavel Bure are? That’s not right.

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