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Phoenix debacle must end

Pat Moules, Kitchener, Ont.

Wake up, Gary Bettman! I'm sorry to offend any diehard Coyotes fans and the NHL brass, but NHL hockey just isn't working in Phoenix.

The Coyotes drew 6,706 fans on Oct. 21 and then on a Saturday night, Oct. 23, they drew 8,189 fans. That's pathetic!

In comparison, in the Ontario League, on Fri. Oct. 22 the Kitchener Rangers drew 6,435 fans and the London Knights drew 8,979 fans.

Final score: Phoenix 14,895, Kitchener/London 15,414.

At $20 a ticket, the OHL teams probably made more money that night, too.

End this debacle and move the Coyotes to Southern Ontario, a place that actually cares about hockey.

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