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Women's game not on same level as men's and HHoF should recognize that

Curtis Crawford, Kingston, Ont.

In response to Adam Proteau's column in the Nov. 1 issue titled "Women worth nod from Hall," the reason most people are against it isn't because they're worried that there's not enough women to induct, it's that the women's game is a completely different game from the men's and it should be treated that way.

The men's game is faster, the players are bigger and as much as most journalists won't admit it because they don't want to look sexist, the women's skill level is a joke compared to the men's.

When people go to the Hall of Fame or watch the induction ceremony, they want to see the world’s best hockey players, not the best from a team that plays tune-up games against midget boy’s teams and sometimes loses.

How do you think that Ray Ferraro and Tony Granato feel that they played in the NHL and their wife and sister walked through women's teams that were basically just learning how to skate and now she's a Hall of Famer.

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