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NHL games in Europe a great thing

Mislav Jantoljak, Zagreb, Croatia

Why does the NHL kickoff the season in Europe? Where should I start? First off, European buildings were full of so-called non-caring European folk, which is more than I can say for New York (Islanders), New Jersey, Atlanta, Colorado or Phoenix.

Second, you might want to check the scoring race every year because there are a lot of European players above your homegrown superstars.

Growing the game and giving a chance for people like myself, who, although weren't born in North America, still consider the Stanley Cup the Holy Grail of all sports is a league gesture I appreciate.

Third, giving European born families a chance to watch their sons play an NHL game is a really thoughtful act.

Fourth, and this is my last point, some of us love the NHL and the fact that we weren't born with a privilege to watch it day in and day out doesn't give you exclusive rights to a great game of puck.

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