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Not all broadcasters should be former NHLers

Andrew Miller, Kingston, Ont.

After reading your article on Larry Murphy (From The Ice To The Booth, Oct. 25), I've realized it's time for some new blood in the world of hockey analysts and commentators.

Whether I'm watching the TSN panel or tuning into a live broadcast on sports radio, I can't escape the former players and coaches who have completely taken over the broadcast media industry.

As an unemployed broadcasting graduate, I can't help but wonder if I even have a shot.

I understand the importance of hearing a former players viewpoints or listening to a former coach touch on our great sport, but these guys don't even have to put in their time in college or university to become properly trained. They get the gig based on their name alone!

I guess I'll keep hoping for my lucky break and use guys like James Duthie and Darren Millard as my inspiration.

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