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Carey Price haters beware

Brianne Smith, Calgary

I was disappointed to open my latest hockey news and see that you published a letter from a fan telling Carey Price to "grow up."

The only way to do that is to have the media stop going so hard.

Yes, last year was a rough one, but there were many games that were lost by one goal with Price in net that the rest of the team lost, not just him.

Roberto Luongo, Martin Brodeur, Ryan Miller, to name a few all have bad games, but they are not under the microscope like Price.

To all you Price haters who have never watched him play a game and have only seen the highlights of the bad ones I leave you with this: He is a great goalie, just sit down and watch an entire game for once. Only then will you realize the Habs made the right choice. He is a No. 1 goalie and that was always the case.

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