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No points for losers

Jim Fix, Williamsville, N.Y.

Why does everyone with a solution to the NHL's points system want to hand out extra points left and right?

It's bad enough players like Martin Brodeur are padding their win totals with the shootout gimmick. The coaching is terrible in the NHL as teams play not to lose instead of trying to win in this watered-down, over-expanded league.

Teams that were tied used to play to get to overtime. Now they play to get to the shootout. Teams should want to avoid the shootout at all costs.

My solution: A team is awarded two points for a win in regulation or overtime. If a team wins a shootout they get one point. That's their consolation prize. You can't tell me a team that wins a shootout deserves two points.

If a team loses in regulation, overtime or a shootout they get zero points! You lost. You don't deserve anything.

Everyone is so points happy it's just a matter of time before they're giving out points for a good effort.

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